Why Micro-Plastics in the Ocean Are a Big Deal?

In order to face the huge pollution caused by plastic cosmetics in the marine environment, the need of making a plant based glitter the new standard in glitter has become urgent now. The danger for the planet is when little plastic particles get to the ocean, it is almost impossible to remove them from there! Here you will learn why it is so important to stop hurting the planet with our glitter.

Many concerns are reasonably arising from government entities around the world since they are creating legislation to decrease the amount of micro-plastics in the ocean. The cosmetics industry is facing a major challenge to stop using micro-beads in the manufacturing process of its products, and it is time now to opt for more environmentally friendly alternatives. See what you can do to help the environment while using glitter.

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The Danger of Traditional Plastic Based Glitter

Standard glitter is a major cause of micro-plastics pollution. Its tiny particles are almost impossible to separate from other types of garbage, and they always end up polluting our water streams. That is why it is time to choose a no-plastic eco-glitter if we want to prevent the planet from receiving more damage.

Some government entities are taking important measures to tackle the danger of micro-plastics in the ocean, this is what you need to know

  • In 2015, Cosmetics Europe recommended stop using plastic particles in cosmetics if they do not decompose in water by 2020.

  • In December 2017, the UK passed a law forbidding the use of micro-beads in rinse-off cosmetics.

  • The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) completed a total removal of plastics in 2018.

  • In January 2018, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) from the European Commission started to study the use of micro-plastics in products in order to ban it.

  • The European Commission has also introduced new directives on single-use plastics.

Looking for a Plant Based Glitter

The private sector had to join the non-plastic movement around the globe and the new revolution in cosmetics has begun. The most innovating companies in the cosmetics industry know the days of standard plastic glitter are numbered! It is a matter of WHEN not IF glitter is replaced by a more sustainable product. So, be ready to identify a real eco-glitter.

The Role of Pioneering Companies in the Glitter Industry

The new mission of the glitter private sector is to identify a plant based glitter that naturally biodegrades in any environment. It has to be tested and contain little to no plastic in its manufacturing process. Also, it needs to provide the same benefits you normally get with a standard plastic glitter but without hurting the planet. Luckily, Bioglitter has covered all of that for you! Here is what you should know about it:

  • Bioglitter uses a special type of cellulose derived from eucalyptus hardwoods

  • It feels way softer on the skin than plastic glitter and can be used on lips according to the FDA regulations

  • It holds the OK Biodegradable Water certification by TÜV, which guarantees high biodegradability in any natural environment

  • Once used, the Bioglitter products break down into harmless substances that vanish from the planet in less than a month!

  • It complies with all the current and future legislation on micro-plastics

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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