Naturally Biodegradable Glitter. It's all we do.

We care about you and our planet. We know you do too. We sell cosmetic glitter bulk, wholesale and retail. Today Glitter is the first and only verified retail partner of Bioglitter in the USA. Our mission is to make you shine like a star without damaging the environment. Today Glitter is the first biodegradable glitter. No more plastic in your skin or in the ocean. We replaced the usual plastic glitter core with a revolutionary eucalyptus structure. Shine without guilt. Today glitter will biodegrade in the environment.


Become who you want to be. Dazzle all your parties, carnivals and performances with Today Glitter.



Be yourself. Add a bit of Today Glitter on your make up and let your personal signature amaze the world.



Your little ones can also enjoy Today Glitter. Safe on their skin and safe on the environment. Preserve their future while they enjoy being kids.



Biodegradable glitter for make up professionals. Soft, bright and natural glitter in larger packaging sizes for face and body art. Ideal for movie sets, theaters, performance, etc... 


Why biodegradable glitter? An eco – friendly guide

Most plastic glitters go directly to the ocean and they do not get filtered due to their size.  This is not only contaminating the water but also marine species since those plastic glitters do not decompose or degrade. Marine species eat them and, therefore, we end up consuming our own waste when we eat seafood. Plastic glitter can cause a lot of damage in the environment but fortunately, we have come to a solution with the biodegradable glitter.

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Biodegradable Glitter: A new trend in the environment

Today Glitter is the first step in our journey to provide a solution to the issue of glitter microplastic pollution and offers an eco-friendly glitter choice. Today Glitter is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic-based glitter and has been developed to tackle the part of microplastic pollution created by glitter.

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