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Today Glitter Electric Gold is Bio-glitter Sparkle Gold colour

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Malini Ramlal

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Today Glitter Mermaid Turquoise is Bio-glitter Sparkle Turquoise color

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No-Plastic PINK

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Today Glitter is the only place you can get Bioglitter in the United States. Available in a variety of colors and a ton of glitter particle sizes.

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A new company called Today Glitter sells an innovative, naturally biodegradable glitter, so the party doesn’t have to stop just because the planet is drowning in plastics.

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Plant-derived materials that is being used in products created by Primark and Today Glitter.

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This eucalyptus-based glitter will make all of your dazzling decor dreams come true!

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Eco-friendly formula allows Today Glitter to biodegrade in naturally occurring conditions in as little as 30 days.

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Plastic-free and so much better for kids’ parties and crafts than traditional glitter.

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Today Glitter also sells biodegradable cosmetic glitter for makeup professionals, body glitter for festival-goers, and of course, classic glitter for kids and crafters.

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Today Glitter, recently became available for purchase in the United States... turns out to be 30 to 40 percent softer than traditional glitters, making it much more skin-friendly.

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Today Glitter offers a revised version of the sparkly stuff that is equally exciting minus the environmentally destructive aspect of the ordinary glitter, which can be found in virtually everything from NFL products to credit cards.

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The first glitter to receive a third party certification verifying its biodegradability, this bio-glitter is made from eucalyptus instead of plastic.

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This “bioglitter” is made from eucalyptus cellulose core, which means it’s softer and can biodegrade in as little as 30 days.

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