Face and Body Glitter: Time for No-Plastic Ecoglitter

Conscious glitter fans know plastic glitter is terrible for the environment and for people’s skin, and its use needs to be stopped ASAP! Luckily, there’s a new ecoglitter that seems to be the safe replacement for your sparkle needs.

Kids and adults love it! Life without glitter cannot be conceived for most party-goers, but its consequences can be dreadful not only for the planet, but for you. If what you are looking for is a safe face and body glitter, Bioglitter has a no plastic option that is the right one for you! 

Plastic Life Consequences

You probably are aware that plastic glitter is bad for the planet and its residents, but why? As most products containing micro-plastics they present two major environmental problems:

  • They kill marine life as the tiny pieces of plastic get consumed by the sea organisms

  • They help releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

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Unfortunately, plastics and plastic based glitter are all over the place. The thing with plastic glitter is that it is more relevant that what you may think as it is in beauty products like eye-shadows and nail polish, also in party confetti, and you can even find it in glittered home and craft products, etc.

In case you are still wondering why do we need an ecoglitter to fight plastic pollution, here all your doubts will be dissipated.

Is there biodegradable glitter?  

Yes! Step Aside Plastic Glitter! It is time now for a safe biodegradable glitter for face and body. Today GLitter No-plastic is an eco-glitter that can be used by kids and adults without worrying about what it can do to your skin or any other part of your body.

Today Glitter No-plastic is an ideal glitter set for skin as well as parties. No-Plastic collection is 100% Bioglitter Pure and meets all the requirements to be used in any part of your body and it will not be a mess to clean up after kids or yourself are done playing with it.

As the world’s first 100% plastic free glitter, the harmless face and body glitter that is Bioglitter PURE decomposes like a regular leaf on the natural environment after it has been used. Here is why: 

  • This eco-friendly alternative to plastic glitter was developed to tackle micro-plastic pollution partially created by standard glitter.

  • It is not only a biodegradable glitter, it is more than that as it uses only natural and plant derived materials.

  • It replaces the core plastic film with this unique cellulose from eucalyptus hardwoods, which come from responsible plantations operating in accordance with PEFC standards.

  • It holds the OK Biodegradable WATER certification by TUV, which guarantees a natural biodegradation in any environment.

  • It uses a new environmentally friendly coating based on natural resins resulting in a Bioglitter no plastic product that has achieved eco-credentials no other glitter has managed to get.

An Earth-Friendly Company

Today Glitter is an exclusive biodegradable glitter retailer of the Bioglitter products, and it markets biodegradable cosmetic glitter for makeup, face and body glitter for festivals and ecogllitters for kids and crafters. It is up to you now to start making the difference in the way you shine! 

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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