The Future Is Here, Why Plastic-free Glitter Is the New Revolution?

The world’s leading cosmetics manufacturers know the days of standard glitter are numbered; it will soon be replaced by a new bio-glitter to tackle the massive pollution problem caused by products containing micro-plastics.

The green revolution has reached the cosmetics world! Many alternatives to plastic glitter are popping up as a global ban is being enforced by many governments. A plastic free glitter threatens to take over the world!

It Is not a Matter of if, it Is a Matter of When!

If you are conscious about the environment, you should probably know that micro-plastics are disastrous for the planet.

  • When plastic based glitter is thrown away into the garbage bins or gets washed off your body, it ends up polluting our oceans and natural environment because you cannot get rid of plastics… Once created, plastics have to be kept or recycled!

  • When micro-plastics (the main component of standard glitter) hit the ocean, their bright aspect gets the attention of fishes and seabirds, which may consume these plastics and die from starvation. Plastic based glitter is terrible for marine life (including plankton).

  • Many cosmetics companies are taking up the conscious consumers call for a better and safer bio-glitter, they know the time for a plastic free glitter has finally arrived; the problem now is to make the environmentally friendly glitter available to you!

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There Is Already a Greener Alternative!

In addition to being harmful to the environment, plastic glitter is much cheaper to produce than plastic free glitter, so coming up with an ideal replacement to standard glitter has not been an easy task.

  • The new bio-glitter had to transform glitter to make it work as conventional plastic glitter, but without using plastics!

  • A plastic free glitter had to only use natural and plant-derived materials in its core, instead of the usual synthetic plastics or bio-plastics.

  • This new bio-glitter had to prove it biodegrades into harmless substances once it gets in contact with the natural environment.

A Bio-glitter Is Creating Big Buzz in the Media!

The resulting product of all these concerns and endeavors is the world’s first plastic free glitter: Bioglitter, which was developed to be the biodegradable cosmetic the world needs these days to make all the glitter fans shine without hurting the planet.

  • Instead of using plastics, Bioglitter uses a special form of cellulose derived from eucalyptus hardwoods. The materials are sourced from certified plantations that operate in accordance with the PEFC standards.

  • The Bioglitter’s core has eco-credentials that have never been achieved by any other company: the certification of OK Biodegradable Water by TÜV, which guarantees this bio-glitter biodegrades in any natural and freshwater environment.

  • No wonder why everybody is talking about this new plastic free glitter, it has recently been featured in important media outlets like The Daily Beast and the authorized resellers are trying their best to make it accessible to you all.

Today Glitter is the only authorized reseller in the US of the Bioglitter products, and it is very proud to have Biogitter PURE – their latest product – in stock for all the conscious glitter fans who do not want to use traditional glitter any longer.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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