What Can I Use Instead of Glitter? The True Eco-Glitter!

Plastic pollution hurting the planet is caused by many products that have become standard for us. For example, standard glitter is basically tiny pieces of shiny plastics that help polluting the environment once we are done using it. How can we replace these toxic products? Well, it is time to set a new standard!

The need for environmentally friendly products has many people claiming they offer the real deal in sustainability, and when it comes to glitter, you have to be careful with the new jargon created to push forward the idea that certain products have what it takes to be an environmentally friendly glitter. You need to replace toxic glitter with a true eco-glitter; here is what you need to learn about a bio-glitter that naturally degrades in the environment.

Standard Glitter and Plastic Pollution

First off, it should not come as a surprise to find out that conventional glitter is really bad for the environment, the micro-plastics forming this product mostly end up polluting the oceans, so we really need a plastic free glitter that can decompose in any natural environment. Unfortunately, many so-called “eco-glitters” make false claims and still pollute the planet.

How to Change from Plastic Glitter or Fake Bio-Glitter to a True Eco-Glitter?

The time has come to change standard products for more sustainable options then we need to cut through the eco-glitter jargon and identify what products are making false claims and may not be as good as they sound. That is why, before getting an actual bio-glitter, you need to be familiar with certain terms:

Compostable Glitter 

  • Compostable glitter does not decompose in nature!

  • Compostable glitter needs specific conditions to decompose in the environment.

  • This glitter needs a compostable terrain and the right temperature to be able to degrade.

  • If you want to decompose compostable glitter you have to take it piece by piece to a compostable bin! You cannot just take a shower and have it go down the drain as compostable glitter will behave like regular plastic glitter!

Biodegradable Glitter

  • This is another term that gets thrown around with more frequency these days in the industry.

  • More important than the term itself, what we have to look at is where the bio-glitter degrades. Regarding Biodegradation always ask

    • How Much? You need to know what % is biodegraded in nature

    • How long? You need to know how long it takes to biodegrade that specific percentage. You want it to be in 30 days or less. Always ask this question!

    • In what environment? You want it to be a natural environment! 

  • A true bio-glitter should take seriously how to tackle plastic pollution.

Plastic-Free Glitter

  • Any glitter you want to get these days is made of polymers, whether it is standard glitter or a real bio-glitter.

  • Polymers can be made from plastic, bioplastic, modified natural polymers (PLA), cellulose acetate, regenerated cellulose, etc.

  • Some products are sold as plastic-free glitter, but they are actually made from modified polymers that do not degrade in a natural environment.

  • Only Bioglitter Pure is 100% plastic free. It has been scientifically proven.

  • The Main Question Is: Does it Naturally Biodegrade in any Environment?
    A true bio-glitter should be able to guarantee natural degradability in any environment. It is easy to get “green-washed” and then buy glitter that is actually an environmental pollutant since many products only appear to be eco-friendly, but there are certain things you need to keep into account if you really want to get an environmentally friendly glitter.

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Get a certified bio-glitter

  • The European Chemicals Authority (ECHA) considers any polymer that does not degrade in the freshwater natural environment to be a micro-plastic.

  • The TÜV’s OK Biodegradable WATER certification program tests if a so-called eco-glitter is able to biodegrade over a short period of time in freshwater.

  • Bioglitter is the only eco-glitter that has been granted the OK Biodegradable WATER certification by TÜV.

  • If a glitter does not hold this certification, then it most likely contains micro-plastics.

The Road of Bioglitter to the Future

  • It took almost a decade for Bioglitter to be developed, but the goal was clear from the beginning: To pass the test for freshwater biodegradability.

  • With this accomplished goal, Bioglitter can guarantee natural biodegradability and being harmless to the environment.

  • The two main products of Bioglitter, Bioglitter PURE and Bioglitter SPARKLE, are setting a new standard in environmentally friendly glitters.

  • Bioglitter SPARKLE is the initial game changer in the industry, it proved that a natural glitter was possible and is still able to provide the brightest effect.

  • Bioglitter PURE is the first 100% plastic free glitter in history, it is only made with plant based materials and has achieved eco-credentials never achieved by any other glitter!

In Today Glitter, we understand the only way the planet should shine is doing it in a natural way, Bioglitter is our contribution to achieve that goal.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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