Why Conventional Glitter Particles End Up as Micro-Plastics in the Ocean?

There have been many accusations against the cosmetics industry as being one of the major polluters of the ocean. Although the criticism is fair, there are glitter companies who are reluctant to change and keep on affecting marine life in a negative way. But there are also those companies with real eco-glitters that market products that do not end up polluting our planet.

It should not come as a surprise; the existence of microplastics in the ocean is causing many governments and environmentalists from all over the world to act and look for the limitation of cosmetics containing microplastics. The new trend to protect the environment calls for a glitter that does not leave toxic particles in the ocean; a true biodegradable glitter.

In this post you will know what makes a true eco-glitter so much better than conventional glitter!

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Standard Plastic Glitter Is Always Messy!

You should know that every time you use plastic glitter it basically ends up as microplastics in the ocean. And here is why; once it is used, plastic glitter is almost impossible to separate from other garbage, and even if you do not intend to leave a mess and try to wash it off your face, the tiny particles of standard glitter go through the drains and pollute our oceans, lakes and rivers.

The dreadful consequences of microplastics in the ocean include;

  • Once they are in the ocean, lakes and rivers they take centuries to biodegrade!

  • They can be ingested by living organisms leading to their death and/or sickness.

  • They form piles of garbage floating in the ocean.

What To Do Then? Give Up Glitter?

No way! Glitter is way too pretty to give it up, so we know it would be too hard for you to stop using it. What we need is a real eco-glitter, one that leaves no mess after it has been used and helps environmentalist efforts all over the world, reducing the amount of microplastics in the ocean. The features of this authentic eco-glitter should include;

  • Being an eco-friendly alternative to plastic based glitter.

  • Tackling the crisis of microplastics in the ocean.

  • Using plant-based and nature-derived materials instead of plastics.

  • Proved to biodegrade in any environment. Compostable is not enough.

  • Complying with the regulations imposed by environmental concerns.

Join the Eco-Glitter Movement!

Luckily for all glitter lovers, a real eco-friendly glitter is already here. It meets all the criteria to tackle plastic pollution providing more perks for the sparkle fans that will make your fun and shiny moments free of any guilt for polluting the environment.

Bioglitter is the only glitter company in the world that guarantees leaving no plastic particles in the ocean after you are done having fun with glitter. The Bioglitter products can be used in many applications, like in cosmetics and in arts and crafts, and it basically provides you all the perks you look for in a glitter, but without hurting our planet.

It is time now that all glitter lovers line up behind the environmental efforts to replace plastics in cosmetics with sustainable products that will make all your sparkle moments even better!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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