The Real Bio-Glitter in the News! The Top Seller Eco-Glitter!

Now more than ever, during COVID-19 pandemia, these are difficult times for the Earth. This situation has raised indirect questions regarding products that hurt the environment and our relationship with Mother Nature. In the world of arts and crafts and cosmetics,  eco-glitter is the new sensation. Let’s learn more about it!

Standard glitter is a huge danger for the environment; it is basically made with tiny pieces of plastic. Now, think of this: You can clean up the oceans by going to the beach and removing plastic bottles from the sea, however, you cannot do that with microplastics! Once they get into the ocean the game is over, they remain there for many decades!

The Danger of Standard Plastic Glitter

Once discarded, the micro-plastics forming standard glitter end up polluting our natural environment, including lakes, rivers, and oceans. This is very dangerous because plastic glitter has been one of the favorite choices of the cosmetics, arts and crafts markets for many years! Luckily, that is about to change with the unique bio-glitter we are using at Today Glitter.

Looking for an Alternative in a New World

When founded (in 2018), Today Glitter had the ambition of providing Americans with an environmentally friendly alternative to standard plastic glitter. We are very happy to be causing such an impact in a very short time! Important media outlets, like CNN, are already talking about us.

We know glitter is quite popular in cosmetics and in arts and crafts, so we decided to look for an alternative with no plastics and that is how we found the British company Ronald Britton Ltd., which was already working with an innovative eco-glitter that used a regenerative cellulose sourced from eucalyptus hardwoods instead of the usual plastic film of conventional glitter.

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The First Retailer of Bio-Glitter in America

Although we were not very known when we first started, we had a mission and little by little environmentally conscious consumers started to pay attention to us, the bio-glitter we brought to America became well known and now is the top-seller eco-glitter in the country. The only one that biodegrades in nature

Here are the two main options we have for environmentally friendly consumers:

Bio Glitter Sparkle

  • The original game changer in the glitter industry! 92% plastic free.

  • Based on plant material; only adds a minimal amount of plastic for color

  • Used in cosmetics and personal care, the fashion industry, and for arts and crafts

Bio glitter Pure

  • The first glitter in history that is 100% plastic free!

  • It decomposes like a regular leaf in any environment

  • It holds all the certifications to be considered the eco-friendliest glitter in the world

We Have to Make a Change Now!

We are lucky that many people are helping us to spread the word about a real eco-glitter, which is so necessary these days. Our community and friends are enjoying premium real Bioglitter. Support the real Bio Glitter become the new standard in glitter!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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