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In times an eco-glitter is desperately needed to become the new standard in glitter, there are many products claiming to be an alternative to help plastic pollution, but in fact they are not! If you are looking to help the planet in its battle against plastic, but do not want to give up on your favorite sparkle, here you will know what to do.

Plastic is everywhere! Even in places where it should not be, like in the oceans. Almost every industry on the planet uses plastic and the pollution it causes is calling for new ways of manufacturing popular products, like plastic glitter. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a real eco-glitter among the many options arising as real solutions. So, what is the answer to your sparkle prayers?

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Micro-Plastics Are Hurting the Planet!

Plastic glitter is a type of micro-plastics that contributes to the huge issue of plastic pollution affecting our planet. That is why, the biodegradable glitter has become a new trend in the environment; we understand it is hard to stop using this shiny cosmetic because we just love it! But there must be ways of enjoying the perks of glitter without contributing to the pollution.

Here is what you should know about the problem with plastics:

  • More than 8 billion tons of plastic has been created since it was first invented

  • Small pieces of plastics may become impossible to trace; they remain polluting the planet for centuries!

  • You can find micro-plastics in waterways, domestic compost, sea salt, and even in drinking water

  • Micro-plastics are also found in our food; studies have found that 1/4 of caught fish destined for human consumption contained micro-plastics in their guts

  • Using plastics is the most convenient for manufacturing companies, but it is not good for the environment

Replacing Plastic with Biodegradable Alternatives

While looking to replace plastic glitter with more environmentally friendly products, you may be tricked by claims of fake eco-glitters. Please be careful that you may be polluting the environment even if you do not intend to do it. Remember that compostable glitter is actually bad and that you should avoid it, you need to learn how to identify a real eco-glitter.

The Only Plastic Free Eco-Glitter on the Market

The only way you are guaranteed you are getting a real eco-glitter is making sure your glitter has passed the fresh water test. That is the only way you can be sure it will biodegrade in any natural environment. Luckily, we are very happy to be the exclusive retailer of Bioglitter in the US. With the Biolitter products your sparkle and care for the environment are covered.

Here is what makes Bioglitter the one and only eco-glitter on the market:

  • It is made of naturally biodegradable eucalyptus derived cellulose.

  • Its two main products have passed the freshwater test: Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Pure

  • Bioglitter Sparkle is 92% plastic free and it is the one with the brightest effect in the family

  • Bioglitter Pure is completely plastic free, which sets a new standard in the glitter market

  • Bioglitter products break down in Co2, water, and biomass, which is ideal to help the planet

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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