Plant Based Glitter Is the New Cosmetic Grade Glitter

Every glitter lover should know the days of standard plastic glitter are numbered! After learning how bad it can be for the environment, it was just a matter of time to look for more sustainable options. Obviously, we were not going to give up glitter. We love it too much! Instead, we would like to tackle the plastic pollution issue with an environmentally friendly alternative, and it seems we have already found it!

In order to help the efforts of many environmentally conscious glitter fans, a new type of your favorite sparkle had to be developed, because it takes a plant based glitter to guarantee you it will leave no mess after being used. Only Bioglitter can guarantee it will naturally vanish from the environment as it has proved to be biodegradable as an ordinary leaf.

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The Consequences of Standard Plastic Glitter

The use of plastics has prevailed in our everyday lives. It was only natural to become a huge environmental issue the fact that plastic is present in pretty much every industry. The cosmetics world was not the exception and has the standard cosmetic glitter as a danger for marine life with its microplastics polluting our oceans.

Although the plant based glitter is already a reality, the prevalence of plastic glitter is still out there and you can see it in:

  • Supermarkets and stores

  • Cards, flower decoration, and packaging

  • Craft and cosmetic grade glitter

The Time for a New Natural Glitter

Since conventional glitter particles end up as microplastics in the ocean, we need a new glitter that uses only natural or plant derived ingredients. Bioglitter has replaced the core polyester film (plastic!) with plant based materials (cellulose derived from eucalyptus hardwoods), and offers other benefits to green conscious glitter lovers; including:

  • Being as durable as traditional plastic glitter on shelf, but not on the environment!

  • Biodegrading in nature in less than 4 weeks!

  • Being tested by independent organizations guaranteeing natural biodegradability!

  • Can be used for many purposes, including cosmetic grade glitter, for arts and crafts, and for decoration, coating and printing.

The Plant Based Glitter Age Has Arrived

Bioglitter is here to set a new standard in glitter and glitter lovers around the world are already switching to the plant based glitter that is replacing the polluting shiny microplastics of traditional glitter with a guilt free sparkle.

Here are the two main products Today Glitter (as exclusive retailer of Bioglitter in the US) markets for a brighter but environmentally friendly future:

Bioglitter Sparkle

  • 92% plastic free that is a real eco-friendly alternative with the brightest glitter effect

  • Although it contains a small portion of plastic, it proved very high biodegradability leaving no mess in the environment after being used

  • It is available as cosmetic grade glitter, for decoration, and for arts and crafts

Bioglitter Pure

  • The first 100% plastic free glitter in the world!

  • It holds the OK Biodegradable WATER Certification guaranteeing biodegradability in any environment!

  • It has received many awards and recognitions for its innovation and sustainability!

  • Users report it feels way softer on the skin!

  • It complies with all legislation on microplastics and it is the safest glitter for the environment!

We need to deal with the environmental challenge of replacing standard glitter with a plastic free glitter, and Bioglitter and Today Glitter can provide you with the perfect environmentally friendly alternative.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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