Plastic Free Glitter, Why Do We Need It?

The urgency of helping the planet to overcome the plastic pollution crisis is unavoidable. For this, many things have to change, like the way we use glitter, which basically results in microplastics in the ocean. But there is already an eco-friendly glitter that can help you help the planet... And here we tell you all about it!

More than 8 billion tons of plastic have been created since it was first mass produced, but the plastic we see is just the tip of the iceberg of what the ultimate problem is; microplastics. Once they get to the ocean they become quite impossible to trace and remain unchanged there for centuries! Glitter lovers need to start looking for a plastic free glitter now if we really want to help the planet.

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Standard Plastic Glitter Is Basically Microplastics

Yes, in case you did not realize before, standard glitter is just tiny bits of shiny plastics that after being used end up polluting our oceans. Microplastics in the ocean are a big deal because they can directly affect marine life and contaminate our seafood. 

This is how microplastics keep hurting the planet and the reason why we need to change to plastic free glitter. Some things you should know about microplastics include:

  • Microplastics are the tiny particles of plastics that are smaller than 5 millimeters

  • Researchers have found after 10 years of studies in California that ¼ of the fishes used as test samples contained plastics in their guts

  • Microplastics contain heavy metals and are very toxic for any organism, they also sicken larvae

  • Plastics do not have an immediate reaction with other substances and that makes them very popular, but their excessive use is what causes this pollution crisis

  • Standard glitter only adds to the damage microplastics cause to the Earth

 We Need an Actual Eco-Friendly Glitter!

Many new options are arising as the real eco-friendly glitter alternatives to standard glitter. Unfortunately, you cannot trust all of them. For example, compostable glitter is usually marketed as a biodegradable glitter, but it is actually not! Compostable glitter needs special conditions to biodegrade. Also, it did not pass the fresh water test.

Here are some ways to identify a real eco-friendly glitter:

  • It contains nature derived ingredients and biodegrades in any natural environment

  • It uses little to no plastic and wishes to end plastics in cosmetics

  • Once it is used it vanishes from the Earth becoming biomass, Co2, and water

  • The cellulose used to create the glitter core should be plant based

  • It must guarantee biodegradability in less than 30 days passing the fresh water test

The good news is that Bioglitter is the only glitter that has passed this test and can guarantee all of the above and more.

Today Glitter Offers the First 100% Plastic Free Glitter! 

The Bioglitter products are real eco-friendly glitters that help the environment without taking away your sparkle. We are very happy and proud to be the exclusive representatives of Bioglitter in the US; any product you get with us is guaranteed to biodegrade in any environment! And you can even get with us the first 100% plastic free glitter if you really want to keep shining without polluting our planet with microplastics. Shine on!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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