Naturally Biodegradable Festival Glitter: The Truth Today

Looking for an actual biodegradable glitter? Do not be fooled by marketing campaigns claiming their glitter degrades as a biodegradable glitter. Remember this, THEY ARE NOT BIODEGRADABLE if they do not break down completely in a natural environment. Be ready to know the truth about today’s face and body glitter.

Environmentally friendly festival-goers may think twice next time they want to get their favorite sparkle because many manufacturers claim their so-called “biodegradable” festival glitters do not leave any trace on the environment, but they actually do! They need an industrial composter to really decompose. Now, would you like to know if your glitter is biodegradable for real? Please keep reading.

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Ways to Find Out if You Get Glitter or Litter

Conventional plastic glitter offers more “benefits” to consumers in the short term, but it is terrible for the environment. For example, it comes in all colors and shapes, but – as any other plastic – remains unaltered in the environment for many years (even centuries!) adding up to the plastic pollution currently destroying our planet.

Other “advantage” may be that plastic glitter is usually cheaper, but it costs more to the Earth in the long term because it puts permanent damage to the ocean with the micro-plastics that end up there. Here are other differences between actual biodegradable glitter and conventional plastic based glitter (or litter!):

  • Usually, biodegradable glitter comes in hexagon shapes.

  • Plastic glitter comes in all shapes and sizes, including hearts, diamonds and stars.

  • Biodegradable glitter has a limited range of colors made with FDA approved colorants.

  • Glitter containing plastic comes in all the rainbow’s colors, but uses materials that do not break down in nature.

  • Plastic glitter feels scratchy on your skin because honestly this type of glitter should not be used in cosmetics.

  • The main ingredient to create a real biodegradable glitter is a plant-based cellulose made from eucalyptus trees.

  • Plastic glitter manufacturers usually hide their ingredients and when they are actually published they contain polyester, polyethylene terephthalate, or PET.

Test Your Glitter!

A good way to find out if your glitter does biodegrade in nature or contributes to the huge plastic pollution problem is to submit it to the burning test, which simply consists in heating or burning the glitter product: If your festival glitter melts and sticks to the surface it is on then it contains plastic. 

Ask for Scientific Proof!

Only the suppliers marketing glitters that have passed the fresh water test can guarantee their glitter is naturally biodegradable. So, do yourself a favor, check if the glitter you are getting has passed this test before actually buying it. And please, do not be misled by composting biodegradation testing, that DOES NOT PROVE your glitter biodegrades in nature!

The Biodegradable Glitter of Today

Today Glitter is the first and only authorized retailer of Bioglitter in the USA. And, as you should know, Bioglitter is the only major glitter company in the world that has passed the freshwater test which guarantees a guilt-free glitter for your festivals and other celebrations.

Our newest Bioglitter PURE is the ideal face and body glitter since it is completely 100% plastic free and can be used on any part of your body; it meets the FDA criteria to be used on eyes and lips! So next time you think of shining in a festival, do the planet a favor, get the real naturally biodegradable glitter of today!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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