Bioglitter, the only Glitter that Passes Fresh Water Test

If you are looking for a cosmetic glitter that is naturally biodegradable and does not pollute the environment, how can you be sure the one you are getting will actually biodegrade in nature? The fresh water test answers all you need to know to pick the right biodegradable glitter. Make sure to ask for the actual results!

Among the many types of cosmetic glitter claiming to be biodegradable, only the true Bioglitter can prove its products biodegrade in the natural environment. The reason for that is that Bioglitter has been independently tested by OWS, a world leading company in the biodegradability and compostability testing of products and materials.

What was the fresh water test about?

It is widely known that standard plastic glitter ends up polluting the oceans and other natural environments, so the fresh water test had to challenge Bioglitter to prove its biodegradability in soil, waste water, fresh water, and other similar conditions that are representative of the natural environment in which there is a significantly higher probability that glitter will be found after use.

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Although the testing level most well known is the industrial composting EN13432, testing glitter to this standard is not accurate since it is mostly used for packaging waste that can be separated and placed in industrial compost recycling, and that is not the case for glitter.

According to the hierarchy of biodegradability test standards and certifications, there were many possibilities for Bioglitter to be tested, including;

Natural environments (where glitter is more likely to be found)

  • Oceans and seas:marine biodegradability; that is ASTM D6691-09 (but only the test method since the standard was withdrawn in 2014)

  • Lakes and rivers: fresh water biodegradability; that is ISO14851 and OK Biodegradable WATER Certificate

  • Soil and shower/bath water: Soil and waste water biodegradability – OK Biodegradable SOIL certificate

Man-made environments (where glitter is much less likely to be found)

  • Garden compost heap: home composting – OK Compost HOME certificate

  • Collected compost bin: industrial composting (circa 60°C) – EN13432, EN14995, ASTM D6400 & ISO17088

Here the term “composting” is associated with man-made processes and the term “biodegradability” is associated with natural environments.

After consultation with OWS, it was decided that the fresh water biodegradability testing was the most appropriate due to the nature of our material (insoluble solid) and most likely end-of-life scenarios.

OWS suggested Bioglitter had to be tested to a challenging environment and to a well-known standard and test method, so the test for Bioglitter had to be conducted in accordance with the ISO 14851 standard (which is for biodegradation in marine water).

The biodegradation test shows the degree of biodegradability of the samples being tested by exposure to micro-organisms under laboratory-controlled conditions and in conditions that are representative of the natural environment where glitter might end up after being used, such as streams, lakes, rivers, and general outdoor environment.

What did the test show?

The fresh water biodegradation test showed the degree of aerobic biodegradability analyzing the amount of carbon that was converted to carbon dioxide (CO2). Bioglitter is proud to share with you that the test also showed;

  • Most Bioglitter biodegradable content biodegraded in less than 4 weeks

  • The coating applied to manufacture Bioglitter does not compromise its biodegradability

  • Guaranteed biodegradation in a natural and fresh water environment

  • It drastically reduces waste in rivers, lakes or any natural fresh water

In addition, the unique naturally biodegradable cellulose is the only one certified for both industrial and home composting environments, and also complies with the standard for marine biodegradation that is ASTM D6691-09.

Summary of test results

As you can see, Bioglitter is leading the way towards true biodegradability of its products, and is investing in powerful research to be always improving. It is not only that Bioglitter passed the fresh water test, it is willing to show you the test results at any time. You can see the link below to see the chart that summarizes the Bioglitter fresh water test results;

Today Glitter is very proud to represent Bioglitter in the US and to be the first authorized reseller in the USA. By marketing only Bioglitter products we make sure we make available for you the only glitter that has passed the fresh water test so that next time you look for a naturally biodegradable cosmetic glitter you look no further and trust only in our products.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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