Plant-based Glitter Is Softer on the Skin!

After several studies on new types of glitter, consumers have chosen the ONE that feels softer on your body every time you apply it. Do you want to find out which one it is… And why?

You have probably heard about the many new types of glitter being developed to tackle the huge micro-plastics pollution issue, but besides worrying about the environment (which is urgent!), there is a plant-based glitter that also worries about the feel on your skin. Some of its goals include;

  • To be completely plastic free

  • To be biodegradable in the natural environment

  • To feel softer on your body

New Types of Glitter on Your Skin

  • Compostable glitter: Although it is often confused with naturally biodegradable glitter, compostable glitter feels almost the same as plastic-based glitter.

  • PLA glitter: PLA is a polymer made from high levels of polylactic acid molecules. PLA is basically a plastic, thus its feel is not as soft as natural glitter.

  • Cellulose acetate glitter: Cellulose acetate is the same ingredient used to make cigarette butts… Do you really want that on your skin?

  • Cellophane-based glitter: It cannot be certified as a naturally biodegradable glitter due to its chemical structure. It does not feel good on your skin either.

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Why Does Plant-Based Glitter Feel Softer on Your Skin?

Instead of using the core polyester film normally used in plastic-based glitter, this plant based-glitter (Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Pure) uses cellulose from eucalyptus hardwoods. The plant-derived regenerated eucalyptus cellulose feels softer every time you apply it on your skin, it also biodegrades into harmless particles when it gets in contact with nature.

Since it complies with the world’s most relevant cosmetic regulations, Bioglitter can be used in many special occasions and for different body parts. Also, it has been reported that on average Bioglitter feels 30%-40% softer and much more comfortable on your skin than traditional plastic-based glitters.

The Bioglitter products are perfect for hair and skincare products because they are way less irritable on the scalp than standard plastic glitter. In addition, many skincare products use Bioglitter for face masks and sun creams due to its silky properties.

Is this a Reliable Plant-Based Glitter?

Bioglitter is the true natural glitter because it has been independently tested in accordance with the ISO 14851 standard, which proves this plant-based glitter biodegrades in fresh water in less than 28 days and in any natural environment.

Due to its low amount of heavy metals (and No aluminum and 100% plastic free for Bioglitter Pure), Bioglitter is healthier than others and can be applied in any part of your body with the guarantee that it will feel softer.

Another reason why it feels softer is that Bioglitter is completely – or almost completely – plastic-free. Other relevant features of Bioglitter include;

  • Very high percentage (almost 100%) of biodegradable content

  • 100% antimony free

  • Also 100% aluminum free and 100% plastic free on Bioglitter Pure (No Plastic collection on Today Glitter)

  • Cellulose is obtained from renewable raw materials

  • No GMO, suitable for vegetarians and allergen free

  • It complies with the most important regulations in the world (including the EC regulation 1223/2009 and FDA Title 21)

Where Can You Get Bioglitter?

Glitter has been reinvented by Bioglitter in the UK and we wanted to make this plant-based glitter available for you. That is why Today Glitter is proud to be the only verfied reseller of this natural glitter that is authorized to market Bioglitter products in the US. There are many resellers claiming to sell Bioglitter; make sure to always ask for the facts and results verifying its natural biodegradability.

Also, Today Glitter guarantees that it never mixes Bioglitter products with plastic glitter or compostable glitter so you can be completely sure that if you are getting a glitter from Today Glitter you are getting the true natural glitter. It is time now that you feel how soft our glitter feels compared to standard glitter. You need to touch it to feel it! Your skin will tank you for it. You can look for ways to get it and more information on

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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