Is Holographic Glitter Biodegradable?

Yes, Holographic glitter is biodegradable, thanks to the breakthrough creation of Bioglitter HOLO. Previously, there was no holographic glitter that was truly biodegradable on the market. There are several brands that claim to be biodegradable, but their products all left behind microplastics, which are harmful to the earth and its inhabitants

On March 22, 2022, this changed because of the introduction of Bioglitter HOLO. Bioglitter HOLO is the first holographic glitter that is truly biodegradable. Upon contact with natural water systems, it begins to degrade within four weeks and will not leave behind harmful microplastics. 

This is a revolutionary development. As well as being able to be used in cosmetics, crafts, and clothing, this glitter can also be used in toys. The future of our planet is in better hands now that this glitter exists.

Holographic Glitter: A Prismatic Treat

The holographic glitter is a glitzy treat for beauty lovers. Not only does it have a great shine, but it is also extremely eye-catching. In order to create the effect of holographic glitter, a special machine etches the pattern of the pattern needed to create the effect. There is a prismatic gleam that appears when the light catches the pattern on the glitter and reflects it. 

The process of making holographic glitter is extremely hard. One of the reasons for this is that it requires a lot of machinery and skill to make it. In order to etch very fine etchings on very small pieces of glitter, it is necessary to use a magnifying glass. It was even more challenging to create a holographic Bioglitter because of this. 

The main component of Bioglitter HOLO is plant-based. Glitter made of plants dissolves more easily than glitter made from plastics. Because of this, it was very difficult to make the right equipment to etch the pattern onto the Bioglitter material. Several trial and error efforts led to the creation of a process that resulted in the creation of Bioglitter HOLO.

Bioglitter HOLO Vs. Traditional Holographic Glitter

Why is Bioglitter HOLO such a big deal? Simply put, it has to do with its composition. Bioglitter HOLO is composed of plant-derived materials. The eucalyptus core is natural and contains no harmful chemicals. 

By using these natural and sustainable ingredients, it is possible for the glitter to break down as soon as it is exposed to the microorganisms found in natural water sources. As a result, we will be able to reduce the microplastic footprint in our natural water sources, which is so prevalent today.

Traditional holographic glitter is mainly based on plastic. Once it is in natural water sources, this plastic can never degrade. Microorganisms cannot break it down once it is in natural water sources. This means that all these plastics sink to the bottom of our water and stay there for the rest of our lives. 

This plastic is consumed by fish, seals, and other water-dwelling animals, which can be harmful to their health. This plastic is also consumed by us when we drink water and eat seafood. As a result, it is a vicious cycle that poses serious health risks to people.


Buy Into Sustainable Sparkle with  Bioglitter HOLO

If you are anything like us, you adore the sparkle and shine that glitter adds to almost any outfit. Humans are naturally drawn to shiny objects. This is mainly due to the fact that, in the past, glistening was a symbol of freshwater. 

It was this glimmer that proved to be lifesaving for the settlers and alerted them to a valuable resource for survival. Even though we have adapted over time, we still have a natural desire to find shiny things and covet them. This is why glitter is so popular in the first place.

Since glitter is so deeply ingrained in us, it is important to buy glitter that is sustainable, eco-friendly, free from animal cruelty, and allergy-friendly, so we can both enjoy it. There are many glitters on the market that have been modified with harsh chemicals or plastics. As a result, we are putting our health and the environment at risk. 

Fortunately, Bioglitter HOLO and its sister products are readily available. As well as providing you with the sparkle and shine you desire, they also protect the earth we live on.

In the world of holographic glitter, Bioglitter HOLO is a unique biodegradable, certified holographic glitter. In order to develop this holographic eco-friendly glitter, it took almost four years. It is one of the most beautiful holographic glitters on the market today. It is currently available in silver, but it can be bought in other sizes to meet your glitter needs.

The result of this is that Bioglitter HOLO has been certified by TÜV Austria for sustainable, biodegradable water (Logo/Cert Serial Number S0933), which is the highest level of biodegradability certification available anywhere in the world! 

In addition, the product is compliant with the EU Microplastic legislation that is expected to be published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in 2022. 

On the basis of all of these tests (including the freshwater test), a polymeric material is considered microplastic and biodegradable. Therefore, you can be confident that Bioglitter HOLO is not contributing to the pollution of oceans, rivers, or landfills.

Furthermore, Bioglitter HOLO contains extremely low levels of heavy metals, with less than 0.5 ppm antimony (total content analysis), as well as containing no allergens.


What Bioglitter HOLO Can Be Used For

Bioglitter HOLO is truly the world's first biodegradable Bioglitter, so you probably want to know what it can be used for. The Bioglitter HOLO glitter is a very versatile glitter and can be used in a wide range of different applications. Here are just a few of the best uses for this glitter:

  • Makeup applications. Bring your look to the next level with the addition of Bioglitter HOLO. Bioglitter HOLO is cosmetic safe and allergen friendly. It is soft and will not cause irritation to the skin through abrasive pieces of plastic because it is plant-based. It can adhere to the skin with a moisturizer, sunscreen, or lip balm.

  • Crafting. Crafters love glitter. They use it for cards, as accents, on signs, in party decorations, and so much more. Glitter is very popular during the holiday season, weddings, and baby showers. It provides users with a sense of prestige and is eye-catching. Bioglitter HOLO can be used with acrylics, oil-based applications, and glues.

  • Clothing. If you want to add a little shine to your clothing, you can adhere holographic Bioglitter HOLO onto your clothes. You can bedazzle pockets, add sparkly words, or make sashes for a bachelorette party. The options are endless, and if the glitter falls off, it won’t hurt the environment.

  • Toys. Children love the sparkle glitter provides as much as adults do. This is great if you are interested in manufacturing toys that contain glitter. Bioglitter HOLO has met all certifications for toy manufacturing. This means you can buy it to add to your next big product, whether it be slime, putty, or an art kit.

  • Body Lotions and Body Products. If you like to go out on the town, you may want to add a little spritz of glitter to your hair, clothes, or face. This is all attainable with Bioglitter HOLO. It is safe to use in soaps, lotions, and body sprays. It can add an extra special something to make your night truly sparkle.


Invest In Your Future

In addition, Bioglitter reduces the harm caused to marine animals, fresh water animals, and any person or animal that consumes water on a regular basis as well. An average person is thought to consume about 5 grams of microplastics per week, according to scientific studies. For us to be able to stop this from happening in the future, we need to take the necessary steps to remove these risks from our everyday lifestyles.

Bioglitter provides glitter that shines better than the average glitter sold at stores, and it is very affordable. These glitters are available in different sizes and colors for the ultimate customization. We recommend that you don't waste your time with hazardous microplastics in glitter - get the safer plant-based alternative today.

Are you wondering where you can find Bioglitter? Today Glitter has exclusive retail rights for Bioglitter. Today, Glitter is located in Miami, Florida, and has a long history of offering a quality support to companies looking to produce high-quality beauty products. 

A team of scientists started their journey when they realized that the use of glitter in the beauty industry had an extreme impact on the earth and how many microplastics were contained within glitter.

By providing Bioglitter to companies and consumers in the United States, the company hopes to lessen the impact of microplastics on the globe.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure



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