Why is glitter bad for the environment?

As the world becomes more conscious about what they are doing to their environment and the world we live in, they are beginning to ax glitter from their lives. Glitter is a gorgeous accent to makeup, gifts, cards, and decorations of all shapes and sizes. Not only does it provide that special touch, but it is also eyecatching. 

The reason why most glitter has such a bad rap is that it is made out of microplastics. Microplastics cannot break down naturally in the environment and is one of the main contributors to the pollution on our earth today. In an effort to combat this hazard, many companies have chosen to swap over to Bioglitter.

Recently, a study was completed on eco glitter and regular glitter to show its effects on the earth. This study showed that eco glitter, a supposed type of Bioglitter, was not as eco-friendly as people originally thought. Fast forward to the present, and enter a new brand of Bioglitter on the market. 

Bioglitter Pure and Bioglitter Sparkle were not part of this original study. These two types of glitter would have surpassed all expectations if they had been included in the study. Why? Because this Bioglitter is the real deal and can decompose harmlessly without affecting the environment.

What Is Bioglitter Pure and Bioglitter Sparkle Made Of?

This naturally biodegradable glitter is not composed of microplastics. Instead, it replaces the core polyester film with a plant cellulose film. The plant cellulose film is able to naturally breakdown when exposed to the environment, while the core polyester film is unable to do so, leaving microplastics to pollute the earth.

To take it a step forward, Bioglitter uses sustainable resources when creating its glitter. They use eucalyptus in the design of their glitter. Eucalyptus is a resource that grows back quickly, therefore lessening the impact of deforestation. 

The Truth Is In The Certification

Many people still may be skeptical about the truth behind our claim that Bioglitter is a naturally biodegradable glitter. This skepticism was anticipated, so the makers of Bioglitter decided to acquire the OK Biodegradeable Water certification, the highest third-party biodegradable certification recognized globally.

What Is The Fresh Water Test?

By analyzing the amount of carbon converted to carbon dioxide (CO2) and the oxygen demand, the freshwater test determines the degree of aerobic biodegradability. It is necessary for biodegradable glitter to be exposed to microorganisms that exist naturally in seawater before it degrades. A lab tests this to determine if certification should be granted.

The scientists who performed this test determined that freshwater biodegradability testing was the best possible test for Bioglitter. This was determined with glitters' end results in mind. Typically, someone who uses glitter will eventually wash it off, and it will go down the drain and into our freshwater resources.

This test determines what happens to glitter before it is deposited into our natural freshwater sources such as lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds. It must comply with the ISO14851/2 standards before it can be OK Biodegreadeable Water certified. 

When this test was performed on Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Pure, both Bioglitters passed the test, earning them this prestigious certification. The study that took place with the fake eco glitters did not possess Bioglitters with this certification and reputation. 

Our Bioglitter Vs. Fake Bioglitters

Our Bioglitter has a very long list of biodegradable, eco-friendly credentials that other fake eco glitters do not possess. What sets our Bioglitter apart is our laundry list of credentials:

  • Bioglitter Pure is the first glitter worldwide that is 100% plastic-free.

  • We are the only eco glitter with a eucalyptus cellulose core instead of plastic.

  • It is the only glitter proven to biodegrade when exposed to heat, oxygen, and microbes, converting into water, biomass, and carbon dioxide.Biodegradation of the product, including the core and coating, has been proven in the natural environment.

  • As soon as it touches the ground, it degrades by 92% in four weeks.

  • Biodegradability is guaranteed by the OK Biodegradable WATER certification, the highest third-party certification available.

  • Low temperatures and low levels of microorganisms make freshwater the most challenging environment for a product to biodegrade. Our Bioglitter can handle it without any problems.

  • The product meets the ASTM D6691-09 standard for marine biodegradation.

The fake Bioglitters that were used in other studies do not have this certification, level of biodegradability, or list of credentials. This shows the quality, value, and safety provided by our Bioglitter.

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Safe Ways To Use Our Bioglitter

Now that you understand the true biodegradable nature of our project let us jump into some of the ways you can use and benefit from it. 

Bioglitter Pure 

This Biogliktter is specially designed to be used in tandem with cosmetics. Not only do you get beautiful glitter looks, but you also have security knowing that you aren’t smearing plastic on your face.

Microplastics can be harsh on your skin. This can cause you to break out, have an uneven complexion, and itchy patches. Not only is this extremely annoying, but it can be detrimental to your overall skin health. Bioglitter uses all-natural ingredients that will not harm your most sensitive skin, making it ideal for cosmetic applications.

Bioglitter Sparkle

This Bioglitter is the most sparkly glitter available. It is still outstanding for the environment and possesses fantastic eco-friendly credentials. The Bioglitter Sparkle is considered cosmetic grade glitter, so it feels very silky and comfortable on the skin. As an added benefit, it also contains no antimony, is shinier than Bioglitter Pure, and is virtually indistinguishable from polyester glitter. 

So the next time you are looking for that jaw-dropping look, consider grabbing a bottle of Bioglitter Sparkle. It will stand out amongst the rest of the glitter you have in your collection

Have You Glitter and Save The Earth

You do not have to give up glitter in order to save the earth. You simply need to swap over to true Bioglitter. Bioglitter comes in all different types of shades and colors, making it diverse. If you aren’t a cosmetic glitter person and prefer using it in crafting, Bioglitter Deco is a great alternative. It comes with the same earth-saving benefits while providing that extra sparkle you need in your lif

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure



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