How Do You Make Color Shifting Glitter?

Spark and tranquility mixed together in a bottle. Sounds pretty good, right? But, what exactly are we talking about? 

Color shifting glitter is perfect for sensory bottles. When filled with glitter and shaken, these little containers show glitter slowly swirling down in quite a mesmerizing way, which can give your children and yourself a sense of calm and tranquility. 

Who knew that glitter could bring you peace, right? So keep on reading to learn how you can make this DIY color shifting glitter craft with the help of Bioglitter.

Glitter Sensory Bottles Are Not Only for Children!

You must have heard about sensory bottles, or maybe you had seen them but didn't know their name. These little containers can be filled with almost any material to encourage not-messy sensory play and reinforce learning for babies and preschoolers.

However, sensory bottles are not only for children! They are also known as calming jars. By watching the slow movement of the materials swirling inside (in this case, glitter), both adults and children can find themselves enthralled, mouths wide open (no exaggeration!), staring for minutes at a time. In that way, these little glittery bottles can slow your breathing and calm your emotions, making you feel relaxed. 

Besides, on top of being entertaining and relaxing, these color shifting glitter bottles are absolutely pretty! So this is your chance to do some DIY crafting that can be both a relaxing toy and a beautiful decoration.

How to Make Your Own Color Shifting Glitter Bottle?

Sensory bottles are pretty easy and non-expensive to make. You are just going to need these materials:

  • 11 oz VOSS water bottle.

  • ¾ tsp DECO Deep Blue Bioglitter™, size X-Small. 

  • ¾ tsp DECO Purple Bioglitter™, size Small.

  • ⅛ tsp liquid dish soap or glycerin.

  • 9 oz warm water.

  • 2 oz clear glue.

  • Super glue (to secure the lid shut).

First, you need to fill the bottle with some warm water, nearly 1/3 of it. Then, you can put the 2 ounces of clear glue and use a stirring stick to mix it well. After that, you just need a funnel to carefully put the Bioglitter inside the bottle (no glittery mess, please). 

Finally, add the glycerin and the rest of the water, put the lid on your bottle, shake away, and voila! There you have it: a perfect glittery blizzard in a bottle! It doesn't get any more beautiful than that. 

The trick is that by using glitter of different sizes (Yes, reread the ingredients), after you shake the bottle, the two colors mix together, and then, the purple glitter (larger) falls to the bottom faster, while the blue one (smaller) stays up a little longer. This will give you a nice color transition, thus creating an authentic color shifting glitter bottle!

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Plastic Is a Dangerous Little Thing!

You could use any type of glitter for this craft. However, Bioglitter is the only option available in the market that will give you a full spark without all the dangerous consequences that come with regular glitter. For starters, Bioglitter is not toxic!

You heard it right! Regular glitter is toxic. It may seem like a harmless tiny spark, but there is more to that story. Regular glitter is made of PLA and PET, aka plastic. Actually, glitters fall into the category of microplastics, which are one of the most dangerous and difficult pollution sources to deal with.

They can take up to a hundred years to begin to degrade, can't be recycled, are impossible to separate from the rest of the garbage, and release dangerous chemicals. Also, glitter has toxic components for humans and the environment, like aluminum, titanium dioxide, ammonium, and iron oxide.

Bioglitter™ Is an Eco-friendly Option for Your Crafts and Arts!

Bioglitter™ is an environmentally safe glitter made from eucalyptus plant cellulose, not plastic. It is a scientifically certified naturally biodegradable glitter. This means that it biodegrades after entering the natural environment, with microorganisms turning it into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. Zero pollution, zero waste!

Actually, DECO Bioglitter achieves 87% of biodegradation in 4 weeks. Many companies may claim that their glitter is biodegradable. However, if they fail the freshwater test (our glitter passes it with flying colors), or refuse to show the results, don't trust their glitter to be eco-friendly!

Also, remember that compostable glitter is not naturally biodegradable! It requires high temperatures, tons of water, and energy wasted in special composting facilities to complete the glitter degradation. The key is to be naturally degradable, just like our Bioglitter!

So, if you want to do your crafting while having a "green-cleaned conscious," you should choose Bioglitter. With or DECO Bioglitter line, we can offer you a wide variety of options in sizes, shimmer, and colors for you to choose from and let your imagination run wild while doing some crafting and arts

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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