How Can You Use Bioglitter in Arts & Crafts Projects?

Bored at home? Would you like to add some sparkle to your daily life during these strange times? Maybe you should know that you can use glitter beyond the fashion industry and for more than just makeup. Here are some options for arts and crafts projects you can start doing with a real eco-glitter to spark the imagination of everyone at home.

Times are tough and it seems that flying away with your imagination is an understandable thing to do. One way to get everyone involved while letting their imagination break free is to provide their lives with color and Bioglitter can definitely help you with that! There are many projects where you can use this authentic eco-glitter – that even made it to the news for representing green innovation! – to liberate your artist within; let’s take a look!

  • Make Your Own Comic Books!

We all have dreams and fantasies of heroes saving the planet. Why not create your own superhero? You could start by getting blank panels and drawing some images, then let your imagination develop the story and, at the end, make it more vivid with the various colors of our Bioglitter Deco, which is ideal for printing, coating, and other effect applications.

  • Assemble Toys and Pictures!

Get the little ones involved too with projects that are part-craft and part-art endeavors; these projects require you to assemble parts of vehicles and other toys, and then some colors are needed! You can use any color from our color palette! You can do the same with mosaics of pictures (where you can add some sparkle to highlight images) and even on rocks you and your loved ones collect after a nature walk!

  • Light Up the Art at Home!

Bring some colors into your home and make them shine! There are projects where you can use electrical light wires to create illuminating art. What if you use cosmetic grade bio glitter to imitate the templates of wire pre-designed pieces of art? Or you can come up with your own designs too! Bio glitter can also be used for emoji window art (kids love it!) and to imitate stained glass designs (as shiny glittery stickers)!

  • The Eco-Glitter Kit for Art!

Bio glitter can be used for many purposes, so what if you just load the little ones at home with art supplies and let their imagination run wild? Make sure to supply them with a proper arts and crafts library though, one that includes markers, crayons, colored pencils, blank sheets, stickers, and of course, our eco-glitter to make their art shine!

  • Mess-Free Arts and Crafts Projects!

Ok, we get it. But what about the mess all these arts and crafts projects create? We feel you. One of the beauties of using our plant-based glitter is that it leaves minimal to no trace at all after it has been used. How is this possible? Well, instead of using the plastic core film, Bioglitter uses plant-derived materials that are proven to biodegrade into harmless substances in the natural environment.

Here are other things you should know about Bio glitter when compared with other glitters:

  • It has created the first 100% plastic-free glitter in the world: Bioglitter PURE.
  • It has passed the freshwater test, which is the only way to prove that our glitter can actually decompose in the natural environment.
  • If a glitter product claims to be only biodegradable, then it is not enough. It has to be naturally biodegradable.

So you know now; you can use this authentic eco-glitter far beyond the fashion industry. You can make your imagination shine with Bioglitter!

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