Festival Glitter Makeup: Eco Glitter for Face and Body

Good news for the environmentalist festival-goers! There is a new type of glitter that can be used in any part of the human body and leaves no mess afterwards! Now that the festival season is almost here, there is no better option for a guilt-free sparkle than this true eco-glitter!

The festival season is coming and you know what that means: It is glitter time! But would it not be nice if you could wear glitter in any part of your body and do not worry about the aftermath? Well, the answer to your sparkle prayers has finally come: a festival glitter makeup that is safe for any part of your body and in any environment! 

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A Green Festival Glitter!

These are times when taking environmentally friendly actions is necessary if we want to enjoy our time on this planet. Luckily, every day more and more of eco-friendly initiatives makes us think many people still care about the environment. Bioglitter is a company that has developed an eco-glitter that is safe for you and the planet!

How Do You Use the Eco-Glitter?

The Bioglitter no-plastic collection can be used in many applications and in any part of the human body (including eyes and lips!). Glitter lovers report it feels 30-40% softer and much more comfortable on the skin than any other glitter and it is perfect for hair and skin care products. Among the many applications of this true eco-glitter we can find: 

  • Body art and tattoos

  • Professional make up

  • Films and theatre

  • Arts and crafts

  • Festivals

An Eco Glitter for a Guilt Free Festival

The no-plastic collection offered by Today Glitter, the first company in the US to become and authorized retailer of the Bioglitter products in the US, is perfect for any celebration. We know this eco-glitter is the best face and body eco-glitter in the industry and that is great news for festival lovers: Now you have a golden opportunity to shine with a festival glitter makeup that is safe!

The Festival Set!

We already know the Bioglitter products are an ideal glitter set for parties, but the festival glitter makeup you can find in Bioglitter is also ideal for any celebration purpose if you do not want to pollute the environment. The many benefits you can get with the Bioglitter no-plastic collection include: 

  • Decomposes like an ordinary leaf in the natural environment

  • Can be used in any part of the human body

  • It is verified as micro-plastic free (ECHA Microplastic Proposal, Jan 2019)

  • Complies with all the current and future legislation on micro-plastics

  • It received many awards and recognitions for sustainability and innovation

  • Uses only natural and plant-derived materials in the manufacturing process

  • The ingredients are taken from certified plantations operating to PEFC standards

  • Can also be used for arts and crafts, for decorative applications and body art

  • It can be as bright as standard plastic-based glitter

  • Bioglitter is certified as biodegradable by an independent organization

The Biodegradable Glitter of Today

Today Glitter is causing a big sensation on the Internet where it is often featured as an innovative eco-glitter company leading the way towards a no-plastic future for our planet. In our online store you can find the best festival glitter makeup, among many other sparkle applications that will make you shine while protecting the environment.

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