The Ideal Glitter for Parties: The True Ecoglitter!

Getting worried about the upcoming children’s party at home? We know it is a real hassle to clean up all the mess kids leave after using standard glitter, but that is about to change with this new ecoglitter biodegrades when the fun is over!

Kids look so adorable when they have their glittery events, but you know how it is… It is all fun and games until it comes out of your kid’s face! Luckily, a new glitter set is becoming the safe choice for kids, who prefer it for arts and crafts, and for parents, who know getting rid of plastic based glitter is always a big issue.

 A New Guest at Kids’ Parties

Standard glitter will soon be replaced; its impact on the environment and people’s health is so devastating that it is a matter of WHEN rather than IF it is replaced. That is why our new ecoglitter recently developed together with Bioglitter is creating such a big buzz in the media and it is now listed as a MUST HAVE in chic kid party supplies.

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 The Mess Created by Standard Glitter

 Plastic based glitter or the type of glitter normally accepted as standard glitter, is always messy, and cleaning its mess is always a big headache for parents. It tends to remain forever at people’s house, on your carpet, on your clothes, on your pet’s fur, etc…

Remember that once you get plastic you cannot get rid of it! You have to keep it or recycle it, and let’s be honest, do you picture yourself picking up all the little pieces of glitter to take them to a recycling container? That is just not going to happen!


A Green Glitter Set Is Shining!

The new plastic-free glitter created by Bioglitter aims to reduce plastic pollution and it is the safe alternative for parents who want to protect their children from micro-plastics contained in standard glitter.

Here are seven the reasons why parents can trust this revolutionary glitter set:

  1. It is the first plastic-free glitter in history… That means it is completely natural!

  2. It has passed the freshwater test that guarantees natural biodegradability in any environment

  3. It contains no heavy metals! That is why it is approved by the FDA to be used on lips and it also feels much softer on the skin

  4. It is a safe glitter, which makes it suitable to be used as a cosmetic or as part of your makeup or in any part of your body

  5. It can be used in arts and crafts applications and it is also OK to use dry or mixed with water, alcohols, oils, and soaps

  6. It biodegrades in less than 30 days so if it is swept away and placed on your lawn, you can just forget about it! It will eventually disappear…

  7. This ecoglitter meets all the requirements of current and future legislation


 Bioglitter Shinning in the US

Today Glitter is the first approved reseller of Bioglitter™ in the US. It brings to you and your children all the fun of standard glitter, but with the big bonus that it is safe for everyone. All Bioglitter™  products are certified to biodegrade in nature so that you can give all the possible guilt-free fun to your cute little party animals!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure  

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