Festival Glitter: The Best Face and Body Eco-Glitter

Planning on going to a festival and you want to shine at it? It is time to get the shiniest glitters out and start the celebration! But it is also time to see which one is the most convenient for you and the environment.

One of the first items you think of every time you hear the word “festival” is glitter, and the reason for that is that we love the shiny cosmetic! But among the many options on the market, there is a festival glitter that stands out for being safe for your skin and leaving no mess afterwards. 

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The Bioglitter Non-Plastic Glitter

  • Bioglitter Pure, Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Deco are the true biodegradable types of glitter. These products represent top innovation in eco-glitters, so if we want to talk about the future in glitter we have to talk about the Bioglitter products.

  • Bioglitter is an eco-friendly alternative to standard plastic glitter and has been developed to tackle plastic pollution. Its goals are to remove plastics and being biodegradable in all its presentations.

  • What this company does to stand out as top innovation in glitter is to replace the core polyester film with special cellulose made from eucalyptus hardwoods, which is unique and exclusively owned by Bioglitter™

  • The eco-credentials achieved by the Bioglitter products have never been achieved by any other company in the glitter industry.

An Eco Glitter for Your Whole Body!

Bioglitter Pure and Bioglitter Sparkle only use plant derived materials and the new Bioglitter non-plastic glitter can be used on any part of your body because it meets the FDA criteria for use on lips (Today Glitter No-Plastic) and it is known to feel softer on the consumer’s skin since it contains no aluminum or heavy metals. It is the safest face and body glitter on the market.

Some “Biodegradable” Glitters Are Messy!

Picture yourself getting back home with all the festival hangover, with glitter all over your face and body, you probably just want to hop into the shower and wash off the glitter. Well, there are some fake “biodegradable” glitters that still want you to take your glitter – piece by piece – to a compostable terrain so it can start its biodegradation process. There is no way that is going to happen!

One of the coolest things about Today Glitter product line is that you just need to remove it from your body and then forget about it! You will not have to worry anymore about it staying in your house, on your carpet, on your clothes, or on your pet’s fur… The Bioglitter products will vanish in less than 4 weeks regardless of where they are hidden!

How Do You Use Body Glitter?

Today Glitter non-plastic glitter can be used in many applications and on different body parts. Consumers report it feels 30-40% softer and much more comfortable than standard glitters and it is perfect for hair and skin care products. The many applications of this real eco-glitter include body art and tattoos, professional makeup for films and theatre, and of course they are the shiny sensation in festivals!

A MUST HAVE for your Future Celebrations!

Many sites recommending Bioglitter as a sustainable essential item for increasing the fun in your celebrations, at Today Glitter we are trying our best (as a verified retailer of Bioglitter) to make this green festival glitter as accessible as possible to you!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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