Best eco glitter for eyeshadow? How to apply it?

Have you ever wondered if the beautiful glitter eyeshadow that you use is safe for the environment? Or if it is safe for you? Majority of glitters are made of dangerous regular plastic. It’s time to meet eco glitter and its way to spark without harm.

The reality is that glitter makes us look fantastic, but that doesn’t mean we have to expose ourselves to toxic particles like aluminum and plastic. For our peace of mind, we now have natural glitter on the market.

Mainstream glitter and its problems

Conventional plastic glitter, as its name says, contains microplastics. It is created after a complicated process that requires lots of water to make a small amount of glitter. And most of it ends up in the sea and soil, where it is impossible to separate, killing our flora, fauna, and increasing our world contamination. Also:

  • It takes 100+ years to decompose naturally.

  • It is not biodegradable, nor separable from different types of garbage.

  • When burned (one way of eliminating it), you are melting plastic, highly toxic.

  • It contains toxic metals that soak up for your skin and blend with your cells (imagine it going into your eyes!)

  • It is eaten and absorbed by marine and land species because it ends up in the water and soil.

Environmental, skin, and eye-safe eco glitter

We can enjoy a natural plant-based glitter and, at the same time, glow and shine with the way it looks. Luckily biodegradable glitter is making a change, and it’s integrated into more new products every day. We can find it in makeup, moisturizers, toys, clothes, by itself, etc., nowadays we can even find ultra-fine glitter in antibacterial gels.

The pioneer of this eco-friendly movement is Bioglitter, the first naturally biodegradable glitter in the world:

  • It is made from plant cellulose, mainly eucalyptus from certified plantations. 

  • It is certified as Biodegradable in WATER by TÜV.

  • It is non-toxic, metal-free, cruelty-free, GMO-free.

  • It complies with:

    • European Cosmetic Regulation: 1221

    • Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics

    • Korean Cosmetic Products Act 

    • Industrial Chemicals. Act 1998 and Cosmetic Standards

These characteristics make it a cosmetic grade and a safe product. The ability to create an excellent and eco-friendly sparkle in people and things has turned it into the most popular around movie actresses and music stars. It is the favorite to use by AMA’s and  Grammy winners at the red carpet.

New call-to-action

Now that we know about eco glitter, how can we apply it?

To get started, make sure the products you purchase have cosmetic grade glitter. Prepare your eyelids, clean them, and we suggest to hydrate them with eye cream.

There are some glitter primers that you can use as a base to make the color more solid and shiny. It will help to stick the glitter to the eyes, so it lasts longer and avoids the mess around your face that gives a greasy look.

A trend that Instagram influencers are using right now, and you could try, combines glitter with a matching eyeshadow. There are many ways to apply the glitter. You can use your bare fingers (preferably the ring finger, it is smoother for this delicate part of the skin), but if you want more precision, you can press the glitter into your lids with a good brush. Flathead brushes are perfect for this task.

Tip: to add a little more dimension to your eye, use black eyeliner to create a small wing on your eyelid. This tip for sure will make you glow! 

Remember, glitter is the star in this look; you don’t want to use too many colors. Make sure to balance your makeup with natural tones on your lips.

Now you can have fun creating looks, using different colors without worrying about damaging your skin or the environment because Bioglitter is here to stay with its guilt-free bioglitter. Find more about it in our blogs


Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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