Cosmetic Grade Glitter: Instagram Influencers Best Friend

Marketing directors of international companies are very aware of the influence Instagram has on today’s consumers who rely on a single image to make the decision of buying a product or seeking more information about it.

Many companies are willing to invest on new ways of getting customers and the use of social media is essential to achieve that. Cosmetic grade glitter can really help an influencer to stand out among the crowd.

5 Benefits of Using Cosmetic Grade Glitter on Instagram

  1. Everyone is attracted to glitter… We all love shiny stuff!

  2. It causes a good first impression, which means more likes on your posts

  3. An eye-catching post can make a consumer want a product right away

  4. An attractive influencer can create a huge buzz around brands and products

  5. Brands and suppliers are willing to invest many resources on impressive influencers

Do you want an extra HUGE benefit? Use naturally biodegradable glitter with Fresh water test

Using naturally biodegradable glitter will also show influencers commitment to preserve the environment. Make sure to use glitter that passed fresh test water test (around 90% or more) and never use compostable or plastic glitter.

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The Social Media Factor

Instagram influence is changing everything. It has become an appealing home for many new and/or small brands that want to get to bigger audiences. They know that one look at a certain product can convince users that it is “a must-have”.

That is why influencers are very necessary for the purposes of up-and-coming companies trying to make it in the digital clutter.

A good influencer can boost brand awareness and using a cosmetic grade glitter will make any influencer look more attractive to the public eye… The brand’s story can be told at a single glance.

The Types of Glitter an Influencer can Use

Cosmetic Grade Glitter is not the only type an influencer can use to stand out. There are many! Including;

  • Loose glitter

  • Cream glitter

  • Pressed powder cream glitter

  • Loose pigmented glitter shadow

You can also order wholesale glitter and craft it like you want it. But the one you want to wear to get more attention from potential buyers is the cosmetic grade glitter that biodegrades in nature. It improves the makeup appearance and the visuals of your posts like no other. In addition you will share with your followers to preserve the environment.

Innovation Is Essential to Success

In today’s beauty market, innovation will be anything that has not been done yet or an upgrade of an existing product.

There is a high demand for innovative products that are easy to photograph for social media purposes. Innovation can manifest itself in 3 different ways;

  • Physical (the product itself)

  • Sensory (the feel it provides)

  • Virtual (the story it tells)

The Eco Offer of Today Glitter

Today Glitter offers the cosmetic grade glitter influencers need to cause the mesmerizing social media effects that companies intend.

The types you can get include wholesale glitter, and you can be 100% sure it is a naturally biodegradable product, it feels softer on your skin and it does not pollute the environment.

Today Glitter understands innovation requires smart planning and that sustainability is now a requirement. Starting April 2019 will be the first brand in the US to launch the first 100% plastic free glitter that can be applied on lips. It is the first time this happens in the US.

A shiny eco-friendly item can truly cause a positive effect on the growing number of eco-consumers browsing on social media. Take advantage of naturally biodegradable glitter in your next post or story!

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