Today Glitter: The favorite Cosmetic Grade Glitter of Grammy Winners

Many are the types of glitter being used in fashion walkways, music festivals, and other celebrations full of color and brightness, but only one type is becoming THE ONE for artists who are aware of the danger standard glitter represents to the environment.

The showbiz is full or sparkle, glamour, and other elements that get the attention of many people. That is why it is common to see many performers wearing cosmetic grade glitter on their bodies. However, the damage it causes to our planet is getting bigger and bigger and a new type of glitter had to be invented. An eco-friendly alternative was finally created and conscious artists are now the first ones to promote a new type of brightness.

Standard Glitter Is Bad for the Environment

Conventional glitter is made of microplastics, which easily pass through the water filtration systems once the glitter is washed off of our bodies and end up in the ocean as islands of garbage. Micro-plastics take centuries to biodegrade and remain unaltered in the sea becoming a potential food for fishes and other ocean organisms.

A ban on microplastics is being enforced by the US government and many other nations around the globe are taking similar actions.

Since glitter cannot disappear (people love it!), pioneering companies developed a biodegradable alternative to plastic glitter.

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Benefits of Naturally Biodegradable Glitter

  • Natural or naturally-derived ingredients involved in the process

  • Made from plant cellulose

  • It is as fun as plastic glitter, but it does not harm the environment

Many new types of glitter are claiming to be biodegradable, but chances are that very few of them actually biodegrade in nature.

Compostable Glitter and PLA Glitter Are Bad Too!

They both need specific conditions to biodegrade in the natural environment. For instance, compostable glitter needs a compostable environment to biodegrade; it requires the right temperature, pressure, and bacteria to actually break down. These conditions are only achieved in recycling or compostable plants which never occur in the natural environment.

This means that users of compostable glitter would have to pick up every little piece of glitter out of their bodies and then take them to a compostable environment so they biodegrade. However, this is crazy and it will not happen! No partygoer will have the patience or the time to do that. Most just jump into the shower to get rid of glitter, especially after going back home after a long night.

PLA glitter needs extremely high heat and moisture to be decomposed, but it is usually thrown in the garbage bin where it is not exposed to those two elements. It remains in the environment as unaltered as standard glitter.

The Biodegradable Glitter of Today

Today Glitter offers a real natural biodegradable glitter. It is the first and only approved seller of Bioglitter in the US and offers only Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Pure. It meets the criteria to be naturally biodegradable since it is the only one that has passed the fresh water test, which guarantees actual biodegradability in nature. No wonder why many top artists are choosing it to continue shining.

Today Glitter can be purchased in many forms, including cosmetic glitter in wholesale and cosmetic glitter in bulk quantities.

Why Grammy Winners Choose Today Glitter

Our personal objects represent aspects of our identity, values, statements and choices. People can have an impression of us based on our belongings. That is why famous artists do not want to be seen using items that are harmful to the environment.

Take Annie Lennox, for example, one of the greatest singer songwriters of our time; she is also a conscious political activist and philanthropist. The former Eurorythmics lead singer has chosen Today Glitter as her NUMBER ONE GLITTER because she understands plastic glitter is a huge problem. Today Glitter is one of the sponsors of Annie Lennox exhibition at MASS Moca (Boston).

Click here to learn more about Annie Lennox exhibition using Today Glitter.

Annie Lennox is one of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time by Rolling Stone Magazine and has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from The Musicians’ Company, her career spans over four decades in which she has won 4 Grammy Awards, with 10 Grammy nominations, and 8 BRIT Awards, among many other important achievements in the music business; her influence surpasses countries and languages.

It is a great honor for Today Glitter to be the glitter’s eco-friendly alternative for such an extraordinary artist!

It’s Your Time to Shine

Next time you hear one of your favorite tunes by this amazing musician you will remember you can also be with her on the activism for a better world getting a Today Glitter product every time you wear a cosmetic grade glitter in any special occasion.

Today Glitter offers small amounts of glitter, but it also supplies glitter in wholesale quantities. Either way, cosmetic glitter in wholesale or cosmetic glitter in bulk, you know you will be shining like a rockstar without damaging the environment. Because you know, Sweet dreams are made of this… Who am I to disagree?

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