Is PLA biodegradable? PLA glitter is not Bio-glitter

Holidays are coming, and we start seeing glitter on the decorations to make them glow. Glitter makes everything shiny and prettier. But if we want to use it, it is better to choose a natural and ecological option. PLA glitter is not biodegradable. Let’s make our holidays’ earth-friendly. 

Glitter has been used for decades since 1934, to be more specific. Its creator realized it could grind plastic into this amazingly shiny material. Over the years, this product’s structure has been modified up to what we now know today as PLA glitter.

Is PLA Biodegradable?

PLA stands for polylactic acid; it is polyester. Polyester polymers are considered plastic. Even when companies that use it claim that it is compostable or biodegradable, the reality is that PLA is toxic. Any plastic biodegrades in nature. It just takes hundreds of years. Its way to be compostable is through an arduous process where tons of water goes to waste.

When PLA is transformed into particles smaller than 5 mm, it is considered a microplastic. Microplastics:

  • Are impossible to separate from other types of garbage.

  • Are toxic when burned.

  • Can take more than 100 years to start degrading.

  • Are absorbed and eaten by our animals.

  • Contaminate our water and soil.

PLA glitter is not biodegradable. Confusing information like saying it is compostable or eco-friendly causes even more damage than saying it is plastic. Because people mix it with other garbage, thinking it would degrade and disappear. We can still have a glowing Halloween without scaring our planet!

Does a biodegradable glitter exist?

The answer is yes! We can enjoy the brightness and security of Bioglitter, the first plastic-free glitter in the world. It uses plant-derived material in its core, obtained from certified plantations. It will degrade in nature as fast as four weeks!

What proves that Bioglitter is biodegradable?

An authentic biodegradable product won’t contain plastic. Bioglitter complies with regulations and certificates like:

  • “OK Biodegradable WATER” certification by TÜV.

  • Verified Microplastic Free by ECHA.

  • Compliant with global cosmetics and rinse off legislation.

Bioglitter has won awards like:

  • “Green and Sustainability” category in PCHI Fountain Awards China (2019)

  • Gold for innovation at in-cosmetics global (2017 and 2018). Two years in a row!

If you buy glitter and it doesn’t have an OK Biodegradable in Fresh Water certification, it definitely contains microplastic.

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Have an earth-friendly holiday season

We can use Bioglitter not only for safe and spooky Halloween makeup with or without COVID-19 facemasks. We can make our upcoming events more memorable. Decorate your monstrous Halloween costume with this not horrifying Bioglitter.

And if you are already preparing your Christmas decorations, add some Bioglitter to your gifts, cards, wrapping paper, and even to your Christmas Tree simulating snow! Special safe-glitter for unforgettable moments!

The year 2020 has had enough panic with the Pandemic. We don’t need to contribute to another terrifying situation like world pollution. We can still end it positively. And make a little change with every step. Now that we know how to recognize this eco-friendly product let's enjoy it to the fullest.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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