Plastic Free Glitter Crackdown for Halloween and Holidays

Halloween and Christmas celebrations may be a bit different this year as a global ban on micro-plastics is making glitter retailers to look for environmentally friendly alternatives, but do not worry, you can still have sparkly products! There is a new glitter that provides the same fun, but without hurting the planet!

In case you have been living on Mars lately, here we want to inform you that plastic glitter is terrible for the environment. That is why retailers are joining to crackdown on standard glitter and a plastic free glitter is urgently needed to save the next celebrations. How can you find an ideal set for parties that does not pollute the environment? Here you will find that out and more!

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A Global Ban on Micro-Plastics Is Coming!

Plastic glitter will be replaced; it is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN! Many governmental entities around the globe are already tackling this issue by enforcing drastic measures on products containing micro-plastics and glitter is definitely one of them. But a new company called Bioglitter is arising as the next big thing for glitter lovers who do not want to lose their favorite sparkle.

Looking for Eco-Friendly and Shiny Alternatives

The next end-of-year celebrations may be the first time many retailers used to market glitter-infused products (Christmas trees, cards, stationery and wrapping paper) will have to use plastic free glitter on their products. But they are not alone on this; some innovative companies – like Bioglitter – have already came up with a solution to this new challenge!

Customers Want Less Plastic!

In many parts of the world people are reacting to the devastating news of plastics polluting and hurting our planet. In the UK, for example, there was recently a petition to ban plastic glitter after finding out that a third of fish caught in the North Sea had consumed micro-plastic particles, including standard glitter. In the US, the feeling is quite the same.

The Next Big Thing for Sparkly Celebrations!

Many supermarkets are scrapping plastic glitter from this year’s Halloween and Christmas celebrations, which means that you will struggle to find sparkly fake pumpkins or Christmas cards containing glitter. But the good news is that Bioglitter is being used by many to replace plastic glitter so you do not lose any fun on your celebrations.

The Many Uses of Biodegradable Alternatives

One of the coolest things about the Bioglitter no-plastic collection is the variety of products it offers to be used in so many ways. It goes without saying that Bioglitter is the true naturally biodegradable glitter guaranteeing to vanish in less than 4 weeks! The many uses of Bioglitter include:

  • Cosmetics and personal care products and applications, including festivals, nail and body art.

  • Decorative and printing applications; can be used in coatings, fabrics, craft and other non-cosmetic applications.

  • Educational purposes; can be used for children’s crafting. 

At Today Glitter we know how difficult it is to find a guilt-free glitter for your next celebration; that is why we are trying our best to make this Bioglitter no-plastic collection as accessible as possible to you all. We market the Biogitter’s two main products – Bioglitter SPARKLE and Bioglitter PURE – with the intention of joining the crackdown on plastic glitter, but also to not leave you without your favorite sparkle.


Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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