Best Cosmetic Makeup for Halloween: Cosmetic Glitter and Covid-19 Mask

This is definitely going to be the most challenging Halloween costume ever! During Covid-19 times, not only will you have to wear a mask, but you have to make it part of your costume. For such a challenge, you need to get creative. And sure you are but here we want to give you a few tips to create a character with your mask on.

Whether you like it or not, face-covering is going to be a must if you want to see people in real life and not through a device on Halloween. So why not create a character with your mask and embellish it with creativity? A good cosmetic glitter can help you with that, but you have to be ready to think outside the box. How can you get an astonishing look while wearing a mask? Here you will learn how!

  • Get Your Creative Make up Artist Out!

  • First, you have to think about what type of character you would like to be. This is certainly an unpredictable Halloween season and you can come up with a friendly costume or have some spooky disguise on; the possibilities are endless, but you should start looking for interesting body paint ideas to complement the character you would like to be that night.

  • Up for a Break?

  • Instead of going after some spooky motive, why not try something more playful? It is not as if these times need darker events, so being more playful with colors and friendlier costumes is not a bad idea. And while you are at it, you can do the planet a favor and use a non-plastic alternative or even a vegan glitter.

  • What About an Ethereal Look?

  • Try out florals, paint some flowers near your eye with light colors, or get a 3D flower look to become an out-of-this-world character on that special night. For this, you can follow this simple process:

    • Get some actual flowers

    • Dry them out – wrap them up in parchment paper and place them inside a thick book for a week.

    • Apply eyelash glue to the flowers to put them face down on you!

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  • The Eyes, Chico, they Never Lie!

  • Since masks are definitely going to be a part of your costume, you can forget about the lips this Halloween season. The stars of the night will be your eyes, so you have to make them stand out; you could paint some graphic designs over your eyelids or play with your eye-makeup, but remember that cosmetic glitter will always be present on Halloween night, so here are some ideas:

    • Start by using a primer with adhesive texture.

    • Remember to always keep your skin fresh with oil.

    • Swipe the primer across your eyelid with your finger. Do not use a brush!

    • Mix a hydrating primer with cosmetic glitter (you can use the Bioglitter’s vegan glitter) and use your fingers to draw the designs.

    • You can also try the old drag queen trick and camouflage your natural eyebrows. Put some glue on them and apply makeup to match your skin tone.

    • What about something crazy? How about some anime-like eyes? Put glue down your eyebrows (remember to use some foundation first) and connect the crease of the brow to the outer corner of your eye, then you can apply some makeup or draw designs on and we can guarantee you some trippy eyes!

    • Finally, make it shinier with glitter! You can jazz up your mask with it and make it more playful, and also use some on your eyelids or cheekbones to make them stand out!

    Bio glitter can help you by providing both cosmetic and vegan glitter to add some sparkle to your Halloween night. You will probably need to buy wholesale glitter so that you can satisfy all your Halloween night needs. Getting this environmentally friendly glitter is definitely a great choice to light up your night!

    Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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