Body Safe Glitter: Beauty's Giant Glitter Problem

The beauty industry is facing a major challenge: launching more sustainable products or lose customers! As the awareness on environmental issues is growing, many experts predict beauty brands that do not adapt will fall out of favor. Is there a safe environmental solution for beauty’s new problem? 

Love for glitter comes with a huge environmental cost, you may think the high demand of glitter-infused products only results in profit for the fashion and beauty industries, but make no mistake; now they have to invest in a body safe glitter if they want to be chosen by a new generation of conscious glitter fans.

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Plastic Trash Is the Environmental Villain of the Moment! 

The glitter used in the beauty industry is generally made out of plastics, and we already know it is time for a no-plastic eco-glitter since standard glitter is terrible for the environment; the little pieces of plastic (layers of less than 0.15 millimeters) forming standard glitter end up polluting our oceans and harming marine life. 

Luckily, it seems to be a reaction among glitter fans. Thanks to documentaries and articles about the dangers of using micro-plastics in beauty products, many consumers would like their purchases to be more sustainable. That is why the new Bioglitter’s plastic free glitter is here to save the day (or the planet!).

A Body Safe Glitter in the Beauty Industry

Glitter is trendy and it is perfect for the sparkly effect fashion and beauty products want to achieve. 4.1% of color cosmetic products launched in the UK in 2018 contained glitter, and as the demand of glitter-infused products is getting bigger the responsibilities for the brands producing them will also get bigger. These brands need to incorporate plastic free glitters into their products; otherwise consumers will not buy them anymore!

Following the Green Trend

The tide has started to turn and although making an environmentally friendly glitter can cost 10 times more than standard glitter, there are a few innovative companies already releasing biodegradable products! What they are looking for is to give customers more sustainable options so they can continue to use glitter. They know plastic free glitter represents the future and it is the new revolution.

Since selling environmentally friendly products is increasing sales, there are also those companies wanting to take advantage of this opportunity and advertise as biodegradable products that do not decompose in nature or need of special conditions to actually be safe for the environment. Within this group, you can find compostable or PLA glitters, so watch out with them!

A Conscious Consumption

Consumers are becoming very conscious about the use of micro-plastics, especially in single-use products, and you can clearly see this in the beauty industry where beauty shoppers are most likely to take ethical considerations into account before getting new products. In glitter, the company guaranteeing environmental considerations and biodegradability is Bioglitter.

Today Glitter is proud to be the exclusive representative of the Bioglitter products in the US and we know that although Biogitter’s offer is still limited (about 20 colors), it is still a young product that has come a long way! We are sure that more shapes and colors will come eventually as Bioglitter seems to be the real and natural solution for beauty these days.


Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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