Why biodegradable glitter? An eco – friendly guide

Today glitter is 100% Bioglitter. Today glitter knows the world is getting more and more deteriorated due to all the residues and emissions we all generate. Glitter can cause a lot of damage in the environment but fortunately, we have come to a solution; biodegradable glitter. Our glitter is 100% bioglitter and we are the first approved and verified reseller in the US. Blue Sun International is the exclusive distributor of Bioglitter in the US and named as the first and only verified Bioglitter reseller in the US.

It is important to take care individually of our ecological footprint. One way to do it is by taking consciousness on what we consume.

One of the most polluting industries is Cosmetics. Thousands of plastic recipients are thrown away daily and many components used in the cosmetic industry are damaging the environment. A clear example of this issue is the glitter industry.

Today glitter is focusing on an ecological alternative that can be used instead of the usual glitters that are made of contaminant plastic materials.

Nowadays, there is a growing trend that involves the use of glitters in several cosmetic applications, such as shower gels, eyeshadows, hair gels, body scrubs, masks, etc. Though all those applications look beautiful and sparkly, unfortunately, most of them use plastic glitter which damage the environment since it is composed of microplastics that cannot be recycled.

Most plastic glitters go directly to the ocean and due to their size, they do not get filtered. Plastic glitter not only contaminates water streams but also the marine species since plastic glitters do not decompose or degrade.  Marine species eat them and, therefore, we end up consuming our own waste when we eat seafood.

Other plastic glitter particles go into the soil, which is also highly damaging. Plastic glitter remains in the environment for thousands of years without degrading and a high percentage of them will eventually end up in the water as well.

Luckily in some countries around the world, such as the UK, and in some important festivals, they have noticed the unnecessary harm that normal glitters can do to the environment, and they are banning them to avoid their repercussions. is the perfect alternative as it is made of 100% Bioglitter.

We would like you to join Today Glitter team, to make the US the leading country when it comes to usage of Biodegradable Glitter.

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A line of biodegradable glitters was created

As mentioned above, the trend of using bio-glitters is growing every season and since we love glitters and we would love to keep using them, a line of biodegradable glitters has been created: Today Glitter.

We are a certified and verified reseller of Bio-glitter. Bioglitter biodegrades in the environment as it is made of a special eucalyptus cellulose. 

Of course, the main advantage of the line of Cosmetic Bio-glitters compared to normal glitters is, as mentioned before, the ability to biodegrade. However, there are other advantages to be taken into consideration as, for example, the fact that the Cosmetic Bio-glitters are softer than glitters. Since they are not made of hard plastics they are more gentle with the skin. As normal glitters, they come in different sizes ranging from 100 microns to 2.4 mm. In addition, they come in different color shades (such as green, silver, blue, rose, red, etc.) to make the perfect combinations.

An important aspect to clear out regarding the cosmetic bio-glitters is that they will not start to biodegrade in your cosmetic product. They need to be in the soil or in the water under certain conditions, such as temperature or humidity to start biodegrading. But most importantly, they need the help of microorganisms found in places like the soil and the ocean in order to start the biodegradable process. That is the reason why they are considered biodegradable.


How to care about our environment while looking amazing 

For all the reasons mentioned,, made of 100% bio-glitter is an innovative way to enjoy all the sparkles without contaminating. If there is an option to eliminate the harm that normal glitters do to the environment, it is our responsibility to use it. It is important to start educating ourselves and take responsibility for what we consume, as well as having into consideration all the repercussions that the products we use might bring to the environment.

Let us start caring about our environment while looking amazing. Today Glitter is here for you!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure  

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  • Hi,
    I am very intrested in this product especially for cosmetic use. I am however, concerned about the statment not to use the product around the eye or lip area. If tjis product is natural and for cosmetic use why would it not be safe around the eye or lip area (this is where most cosmetics are used plus most of your advertising shoes the products around the eyes and lips) Thanks for the insight.

    Stephanie Grant

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