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About Us

Why Today Glitter? Why Bioglitter?

Today Glitter is a team of passionate individuals that bring you Bioglitter; the only true Biodegradable Glitter. Today Glitter is Bioglitter’s  first and only verified retailer in the US as you can see in Bioglitter official page. It is a simple yet powerful statement.

Today Glitter was born in Miami. Here in the Sunshine State, we are experiencing first hand the impact of climate change, sea level rise, etc… Our mission is to enhance the inner beauty of each individual without contaminating our environment.

The team of Today Glitter has a scientific background. We utilize this technical knowledge to develop breakthrough products. Today Glitter is one of them.

The team of Today Glitter has a long involvement in the cosmetic industry and the concept of Biodegradable Glitter was precisely what we were looking for. For this journey, we partnered up with Bio-glitter, creators of the breakthrough technology that made biodegradable glitter possible. Today Glitter is the first verified direct to consumer platform to sell Bio-Glitter in the US. We are governed under strict guidelines and audited to guarantee that we will never mix our products with regular plastic glitter. Our products are 100% Bio-glitter (the world’s first biodegradable glitter).

Today Glitter is disruptive in essence. We are offering an innovative glitter that provides a shiny and sparkle effect without contaminating the environment. We replaced the plastic core found in regular glitters and substituted it with a eucalyptus cellulose core. Glitter Academy is coming soon, you will be able to visit it or subscribe to our newsletter in order to learn more about how to apply Today Glitter or about the science behind our biodegradable glitter.

Our products are for adults and kids alike. Following recommended safety guidelines Today Glitter can be used in the face, as a body make up, as well as in arts & crafts. 

Join us in our mission. Today is the day!

  • Start making an impact TODAY
  • Start looking amazing TODAY
  • Protect our future generations TODAY
  • Start spreading our mission TODAY
  • Stop using products that contain microplastics and heavy metals TODAY