Why CEW Beauty Awards Need Products with Real Bioglitter?

The CEW Beauty Awards are like the Oscars of the cosmetic industry. They tell you "Who is Who" in the beauty world. And even though we are all very interested in knowing which is the best anti-aging cream of the year, you should also be aware of the award-winning eco-friendly options that the CEW recognizes.

Maybe you don't know what the CEW Awards are. However, they could influence your everyday life and skincare/cosmetics choices in a positive way. And they do so already without you realizing it. You buy certain products because they are highly recommended and heavily advertised. And they get good marketing if they win awards.

For example, have you ever stopped thinking about whether your favorite trendy eyeshadow is made of pressed ecoglitter or not? You can get the shine without the pollution. Yes, in case you didn't know, regular glitter translates into a ton of tiny bits of non-recyclable plastic (more about it later). 

So, keep on reading to find out why the CEW Beauty Awards are in desperate need of products made of real Bioglitter.

What Are The CEW Awards?

The Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) is an international organization of more than 10,500 individual members representing a broad sample of beauty and related businesses. 

It was founded in 1954 as a social organization for female executives working in the beauty industry. Nowadays, this network includes men and women alike. Also, among the members are leading brands, indies, media, retailers, and suppliers.

CEW is well known for its recognition programs. The CEW Sustainability Award, formerly known as the Eco Beauty Award, seeks to recognize environmentally safe products.

The Eco Beauty Award selects from a wide spectrum of brands producing almost any kind of product, from makeup to skincare products, from shampoo to deodorants, who have taken "eco steps" towards sustainability.

Sustainable Beauty

Sustainability is not just a buzzword! It's a truly powerful concept that seeks to raise awareness of the general public about the negative impact that beauty regimens can have on our planet.

It is meant to slowly make people take tiny steps to minimize the damage we have done and continue to do every day. By choosing brands that offer eco-friendly yet fabulous products, we are one step closer to saving our planet. 

The main goal of the CEW Sustainability Award is to recognize new products that have made significant progress in sustainability. Products that are eco-friendly options without compromising performance.  

Eventually, this award also helps to increase the visibility of these brands to consumers. They get a huge marketing advantage, which helps disclose the perks of using eco-friendly options that perform very well too.

The winners of this coveted prize are rewarded for taking necessary "eco steps." They could represent an innovation in product sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, use, and disposal. Also, organic certifications are important.

For most people, it may be insignificant, but the company's manufacturing practices are of the utmost importance. If tons of water are used, or the waste is sent to the sea in the process of creating an eco-friendly product, this automatically cancels its benefits!

Also, we have to think about how packaging impacts the environment. Is it recyclable? The next logical thing would be that the packaging is made from recycled materials, with the possibility of more than one use.

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Regular Glitter Creates Pollution

Glitter, made from a combination of metals and PLA or PET, is considered a microplastic. This sparkly little fellow is a full-on ecological hazard. And the worst part is that most people are unaware of the dangers of regular glitter. After all, it seems so harmless and small!

Even though the New York Times reported that glitter "makes up far less than 1 percent of the microplastics that pollute the environment," do we really want to contribute to that percentage? Naturally, forgoing regular glitter does seem like the absolute least we can do to protect the planet.

After all, plastic glitter can't be recycled. It is a disposable, single-use product. Also, it could take up to 100 years to start degrading (by that time, it most probably contaminated our oceans, flora, and fauna). 

To rub salt into the wound, glitter is impossible to separate from the rest of the litter! Indeed, we would need industrial machinery to try to decompose it, requiring lots of energy and wasted water to eliminate these tiny pieces of glitter. Additionally, microplastics create highly toxic smoke when burned.

Bioglitter  is the Real Ecoglitter!

We know that if you are a true glitter lover, you won't stop using it. However, you can make a smart choice and go with Bioglitter™ instead.

Bioglitter™ is an environmentally safe glitter with a core made from eucalyptus plant cellulose, not plastic. It NATURALLY biodegrades after entering the natural environment, with microorganisms turning it into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. Actually, Bioglitter achieves 87% of biodegradation in 4 weeks. 

A lot of glitter brands claim to be eco-friendly, biodegradable, 100% plastic-free, sustainable, and more. However, they might be compostable or just lying about their product's nature while using dangerous chemicals and toxic metals hazardous for the environment and humans.

Compostable glitter is not naturally biodegradable. It requires high temperatures, tons of water, and energy wasted in special composting facilities to complete the glitter degradation. The key is to be naturally degradable, just like our Bioglitter!

Remember: If they fail the freshwater test or refuse to show the results, they are fake bioglitters! Only Bioglitter™ Sparkle and Bioglitter™ Pure are the real ecoglitter.

When Innovation Meets Sustainability

Bioglitter truly is a shining example to the beauty industry. We have revolutionized the cosmetic world by creating an eco-friendly and sustainable product. By doing so, we are also pushing our customers to think and act in a more responsible way.

It's all about raising awareness while producing a five stars' product!

Our biodegradable glitter has so many different uses, just like regular plastic glitter, but with added benefits because it also qualifies as a cosmetic glitter. It is 40% softer on the skin, with FDA-approved colors to use on the lips and around the eyes. You get all the shimmer without any harm!

So, let's face it. The CEW Beauty Awards certainly are in desperate need of products made of real bioglitter. And so are you! These awards help to spread the word about environmentally safe options. By doing so, more people will buy these products, and the planet will thank you for making these eco-friendly choices!


Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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