Where to Find Naturally Biodegradable Glitter in the USA?

It seems that the days of standard plastic glitter are numbered in America as we learn how bad microplastics are for the ocean and marine life. That is why many environmentally conscious partygoers and organizations concerned about the environment are happy to know there is an eco-glitter that can help the planet in its fight against plastic pollution. Here you will learn where to find it!

Americans love glitter, especially for the end-of-year celebrations, it is only natural wanting to shine. But the terrible effects of standard plastic glitter on the environment have many sparkle lovers worried and looking for more sustainable options. That is why “biodegradable glitter USA” is one of the keywords most commonly searched on the internet by environmentally conscious American glitter lovers. So, this information is what you need!

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The Environmentally Friendly Glitter Option We Need

In case you are still wondering why do we need a new type of glitter so urgently, here is what you should know. Standard glitter is just tiny pieces of plastic that end up in the ocean severely affecting marine life. The dangers of plastic glitter, including contribution to the 90% of microplastics forming the open sea plastic pollution, have triggered many scientists and regulatory entities to look for a total ban of products containing microplastics.

For instance, the American government approved in 2015 The Microbead Free Waters Act, which aims to:

  • Avoid the manufacturing, packaging, and circulation of rinse-off cosmetics that contain microplastics.

  • Being also enforceable for non-prescription drugs and cosmetics.

  • Be a unifying law against microplastics; applicable in any place in America.

The Sparkle of the New Eco-Glitter in America 

If you have also typed biodegradable glitter USA on your computer, you will be delighted to know a new environmentally friendly type of glitter has already been created. This eco-glitter comes from the UK and is known as a Bioglitter.

The Bioglitter products include:

Biogliter Sparkle

  • The first eco-glitter in history!

  • The eco-glitter with the brightest effect in the world!

  • It provides the same benefits as traditional plastic glitter

  • It has proven high biodegradability in the freshwater test

  • It is 92% plastic free, but it aims to be completely plastic free!

Bioglitter Pure

  • The first 100% plastic free glitter in the world!

  • This eco-glitter decomposes like an ordinary leaf in the environment

  • It feels softer on the skin and can be used on any part of your body!

  • It has won many awards and recognitions for innovation and sustainability

  • It complies with all the American regulations on microplastics!

Today We Make the Difference!

We are very happy to provide the Bioglitter products as the only retailers of the British company in the US. At Today Glitter, we are convinced Bioglitter is the true eco-glitter as it biodegrades in nature and guarantees that any of its products is in line with the two ultimate goals Bioglitter wants to achieve, which are:

  • Removing the use of microplastics in glitter, and

  • Being certified biodegradable in any natural environment

So, next time you look for biodegradable glitter USA, now you know only Today Glitter can guarantee you this is the eco-glitter you want in America.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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