What is Holographic Glitter Used For?

Biogliter HOLO is a new eco-friendly, biodegradable glitter that just hit the market on March 22, 2022. It is the first holographic glitter of its kind that is truly eco-friendly and biodegradable. What does this mean? It means when it is in contact with natural water sources, it breaks down within four weeks' time and does not leave harmful microplastics behind. 

Bioglitter HOLO is quickly becoming very popular because of its unique qualifications and certifications. The pre-order window has opened, and it is selling out quickly. If you were one of the lucky people to get your hands on some, you might be wondering, what is holographic glitter used for?

Holographic glitter can be used in makeup applications, home decor, toys, and crafts. It is a very glitzy and diverse glitter that amps up any person or item's aesthetic. This look is accomplished because tiny etchings are placed on the glitter, providing light refraction to give it a holographic look. Once, it was impossible, but finally truly biodegradable holographic glitter attainable.

Glitter can be used for a wide array of projects. Here are some of the best applications for your Bioglitter HOLO.


Crafters love glitter. They like to add it to all of their products to give it a dazzling effect. Glitter is especially rampant during the holidays and during weddings. It has an elegance and mysticism that is not comparable to anything else. Some popular crafts that can incorporate holographic glitter are:

  1. Homemade glitter mouse pads

  2. Glitter dipped coffee mugs, beer mugs, water bottles, or wine glasses

  3. DIY Bobby pins

  4. In candles

  5. Homemade bath bombs get a pop from glitter

  6. Holiday, birthday, or other special occasion cards

  7. DIY phone case

  8. DIY Totes

  9. DIY Shirts

  10. Modge Podge onto almost anything!

When it comes to glitter, the possibilities are absolutely endless. You do not need to hold back when applying it because it is guaranteed to improve any craft.

Rose Silver


Bioglitter HOLO is great for makeup applications. If you are looking for a dramatic look, this glitter is sure to meet the mark. Bioglitter HOLO can be applied on top of your daily moisturizer, sun lotion, into your lip balm, or on top of coconut oil to get it to stick to your skin. This can be used in everyday makeup or for costume makeup. Glitter is an eye-catching accessory that goes well with practically any outfit.

Many famous influences use glitter as an added touch to their makeup. Some artists can use glitter to transform themselves into an entirely different person or to give them animalistic-looking qualities. It is not only safe for your skin, as it is plant-based, but it is a wonderful art further enhanced by the use of Bioglitter.

Make Up


Another great way to use Bioglitter HOLO is to add it to your clothing. It serves as the perfect eye-catching accent for evening wear or other special occasion wear. Children and adults alike enjoy the use of holographic glitter when making handmade shirts with unique team names, sayings, or mottos. Bioglitter HOLO is safe for clothing and also safe to be washed in a washing machine. It degrades in four weeks so that it won't hurt your local water supply.

Extra Sparkle and Shine

Bioglitter HOLO is the perfect accent for many different crafts, clothing, and makeup. When you want to add an extra sparkle or shine to your look without hurting the environment, grab a bottle of Bioglitter HOLO and get that glam look. It will be worth it for you and our earth in the long run.

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