Is HOLO Eco-Friendly?

Yes, Holo is eco-friendly.  Bioglitter™ HOLO is a brand new biodegradable glitter that has just hit the market. It is the first-ever completely biodegradable holographic glitter on the market. After four long years of strenuous research, there is now a way to manufacture holographic glitter so that it is eco-friendly and has the right holographic look

Holographic Glitter Effect

The holographic glitter effect comes from the splitting of light into individual components. Once the light is split, it provides a rainbow effect akin to that of a kaleidoscope. In order to get this effect, each piece of glitter needs to have a special etched pattern. This etched pattern was hard to achieve on plant-based glitter because it breaks down so easily.

After four years of hard work, dedication and determination, we found the right technology to manufacture plant-based holographic bioglitter. The result is  Bioglitter™ HOLO.

Holographic Glitter Credentials

Many people may be skeptical about Bioglitter™ HOLO’s biodegradable and eco-friendly credentials. After all, it has been tremendously hard to create this product, and it originally seemed unattainable. Thanks to hard work, passion, and dedication, it is now available on the market for purchase. But what credentials does Bioglitter™ HOLO have? Take a look:


Bioglitter™ HOLO‘s biodegradability was tested through the TUV Austria science lab. This lab focuses on the certification of biodegradability and eco-friendly products and testing them to ensure they meet industry-specific standards.

The process is very strict and replicates instances where glitter is submerged in freshwater. Once the glitter is submerged, the scientists test to see how long it takes to break down at certain time increments. They also see if microplastics are left behind at the end.

After Bioglitter™ HOLO went through this test, it was determined that it was indeed biodegradable. TUV Austria awarded Bioglitter™ HOLO with the prestigious OK biodegradable certification. This is the only holographic glitter on the market with this certification as of March 22, 2022.

Environmental Safety

Bioglitter™ HOLO also adheres to environmental safety standards. Its ecotoxicity levels in aquatic environments are so low that they comply with the environmental safety criteria in the OK biodegradable WATER standard as well. This is an impressive feat that only this holographic bioglitter possesses.

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Toy Safety

If you are looking to use Bioglitter™ HOLO glitter but are afraid to use it near children, don’t be. This new holographic glitter meets all the toy safety standards. The standards that it meets are:

  • EN71-1 2014 Safety of Toys: Mechanical and physical properties

  • EN71-2 2011 + A1:2014 Safety of Toys: Flammability

  • EN71-3 2013 + A1:2019 Safety of Toys: Migration of certain elements

  • EN71-9 Primary Aromatic Amines, Formaldehyde (Textiles)

This means that this holographic glitter can be used in safely in the manufacturing of toys and does not possess any hazardous chemical properties that could affect children negatively.


While Bioglitter™ HOLO has not met this certification yet, it is expected to/ Ronald Britton, LTD has tested Bioglitter™ HOLO and has determined that it contains the low levels of impurities required to attain this prestigious certification. It will be submitted to earn this certification in the near future.

Shelf Life

Bioglitter™, in general, has an indefinite shelf life. This means that you can buy it now and use it for years to come without a reduction in its quality. The best way to store Bioglitter™ is to keep it in the dark, dry, and cool environment. Keep it out of direct heat or sun sources. As a good manufacturing practice, it is recommended that the Bioglitter™ be used within three years of purchase.

Bioglitter™ HOLO Composition

Bioglitter™ HOLO is an ethically and sustainably sourced glitter. It is derived from natural materials rather than plastic because they are eco-friendly and biodegradable. This glitter is made this way so that we can better protect the earth and our future from microplastics.

Bioglitter™ HOLO Color

Currently, Bioglitter™ HOLO only comes in one color - silver. It is the hope that other colors can be manufactured and produced in the future. When this blitter hits the light at the right angle, though, it provides a prismatic rainbow effect, making it desirable for many crafters, manufacturers, and makeup enthusiasts alike.


Bioglitter™ HOLO Sizes

Bioglitter™ HOLO comes in multiple size options. This is ideal for manufacturers of makeup, toys, and crafts. Glitter is not one size fits al. Different sizes are needed for different applications of the product. As such, the Bioglitter™ HOLO comes in five different sizes:

  • Size 004 - 0.15mm

  • Size 008 - 0.2mm

  • Size 015 - 0.375mm

  • Size 040 - 1mm

  • Size 094 - 2.4mm

This wide range is ideal to fit everyone's needs. Each size has the same quality and prismatic holographic effect. The size does not reduce its sparkle or impact.

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Bioglitter™ HOLO Uses

Before logging online and ordering a bunch of gorgeous holographic Bioglitter™ HOLO, you will probably want to understand what you can use it for. Glitter can go on almost anything to make it more beautiful, but the type of glitter you use on different products is important. Here is a breakdown of what Bioglitter™ HOLO can be used for:

  • Makeup applications. If you are a makeup enthusiast who loves to add glitter to your final look, then cosmetic Bioglitter™ HOLO is a great addition to your makeup routine. It is soft to the touch, has a brilliant holographic rainbow effect, and is cosmetic compliant in EU, USA, CHN, JPN, AUS, KOR, and CAN. It is also completely allergen-free!

  • Toy manufacturing. If you make toys or work for a company that makes toys for kids, then Deco Bioglitter™ HOLO glitter is a perfect addition to your product/ It meets all current toy safety standards, has a low heavy metal content, and is suitable for dry, water-based or oil-based systems making it a well-rounded glitter.

  • Fingernail Art. A lot of nail art trends use glitter. Cosmetic Bioglitter™ HOLO is a great addition to your nail art. Whether you want to have statement nails or festive nails, it will give them the perfect shine to finish your look.

  • Crafting. Bioglitter™ HOLO can also be used inc rafting. Deco tends to be the better glitter to use while crafting, but the cosmetic grade version could also be used depending on the craft. Glitter gives that extra shine and glamor to any project.

Why Eco-Friendly Products Are Important

Eco-friendly products are important for our environment. Glitter, in particular, type is made from microplastics. Microplastics are so small, you cannot see them, but when you test for them, they are rampant. These microplastics are extremely prevalent in our water system. They are hard to remove and cause extreme pollution to our environment.

Imagine taking a drink of water from the tap and consuming hundreds of pieces of microplastics that were not cleaned from the water system. This can be toxic to your body. It also hurts the animals and plants in the ecosystems that the microplastic inhabits. This pollution is becoming such a large problem because it is killing important animal and plant species. 

Replace Hazardous Microplastics

Microplastics are defined as being small than 5mm. These microplastics can be found in tea, milk, honey, sugar, soft drinks, seaweed, and other common foods that we consume. The average human consumes more than 5 grams of microplastics every single week. Sounds repulsive, right? 

These microplastics are used in so many items it is hard to avoid them. Being cognizant of what your purchase can help reduce the risk of microplastic pollution. Some common products that contain these microplastics are:

  • Clothing, particularly in fast fashion and athleisure clothing.

  • Personal care products, like makeup, are often high in microplastics.

  • Nail polish that uses glitter usually has a lot of microplastics.

  • Exfoliants that use polythene like soaps, toothpaste, and cleansers contain high traces of microplastics.

Seafood, because it comes from the ocean and is literally swimming in microplastics, often contains pollutants because they ingest it.

If you replace products that contain these microplastics with plant-based, eco-friendly options, you will be doing our environment a service. Not only will it help lessen the impact of microplastics, but it will also help the health of the environment in the future.

Cost of Bioglitter™ HOLO

Now that you are sold on the quality, value, and safety of Bioglitter™ HOLO the next logical question is, how much does Bioglitter™ HOLO cost? The cost to order Bioglitter™ HOLO depends on the quantity you want. Here you can find all prices and pack sizes. All Bioglitter™ HOLO quantities will be available beginning on April 1, 2022. 

Bioglitter™ HOLO: Glitter of the Future

Bioglitter™ HOLO is truly the glitter of the future. Manufacturers and retailers are raving about the product because they know the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable options. This one-of-a-kind glitter is a great investment for your company, your health, and your future.

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