Plant Based Glitter, the Best Friend of Music Festivals

The holiday season will probably give you many opportunities to shine with your favorite sparkle, but you should know that standard glitter has many terrible consequences for the environment. Now, multiply that for the amount of people wearing the shiny plastic cosmetic in all the end-of-year celebrations all over the globe and you have a huge environmental problem! But you can change that now…

Would you like to help the planet in its fight against plastic pollution? Would it not feel better being part of the solution rather than contributing to the huge plastic pollution problem? Well, it is time to be part of the change helping environmentally friendly products to become the new standard in the upcoming celebrations. A new plant based glitter is here to become your new best friend in shining without hurting the planet.

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Reducing the Effects of Microplastics Pollution

Many music festivals (including huge ones like Kendal Calling, Boardmasters, Bestival) have banned plastic based glitters, and others do not want any glitter product at all! (think of Shindig and Shamba). This is only fair because we need to start taking severe actions against products containing microplastics as they are a big deal when it comes to environmental damage.

That is why an eco-glitter is urgently needed to become the new standard in these celebrations; our times demand measures that include:

  • A plant based glitter in most (if not all) sparkly celebrations this end of the year

  • An eco-glitter that can be used in cosmetics for sparkly face designs

  • An eco-glitter that can also be used in other applications, like arts and crafts

  • A product that guarantees biodegradability in any environment (music festivals)

  • A type of glitter that decomposes into water, carbon dioxide and biomass

Your New Music Festival Friend

The long-awaited plant based glitter is already here and it all looks that the environmentally conscious trend it is causing is committed to make Bioglitter the new standard for festival glitter!. These are great news for those glitter lovers who love to shine at music festivals and other celebrations, but are rightfully worried about the future of our environment.

The many perks you get using the Bioglitter products include:

  • A variety of colors, from green shades and mid blue to bright and sparkly glitters

  • They comply with all the current and future regulations on microplastics, which will prevent your product from being banned at special events

  • Bioglitter Pure (the latest Bioglitter product) complies with the FDA regulations to use on lips and any other part of your body!

  • Every Bioglitter product has passed the fresh water test, which is the only test guaranteeing biodegradability in any environment!

  • Bioglitter is the ultimate plant based glitter since it replaces the core polyester film (plastics) with a special cellulose derived from eucalyptus hardwoods

 The Guilt Free Sparkle of Today

Only Today Glitter can guarantee you the eco-glitter we market means no harm for the environment, as we are first company in the US to become a verfired retailer of the British company Bioglitter.

We offer the Bioglitter products, Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Pure, as the new standard of glitter for the future because we truly believe that in order to have a brighter future we need to stop hurting the planet while he have fun.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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