PLA Glitter Is Not Biodegradable, Do You Want to Know Why?

Plastic seems to be everywhere! Almost every industry uses plastics since they are very resistant and kind of cheap to produce, but it is costing a very high price to the environment. Glitter lovers should be aware we desperately need a plastic free revolution in glitter, and here you will find out how to start it!

If you really love glitter, then you probably will struggle to give it up despite the news on microplastics pollution getting worse. Since standard plastic glitter is basically tiny bits of shiny plastic, new alternatives are appearing on the market. But are all of them reliable? What makes a biodegradable glitter? Where can I get biodegradable glitter wholesale? Is PLA biodegradable? Let’s find out about this and more in the next paragraphs!

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The Dangers of a Plastic World

Since plastic was popularized in the 40’s and 50’s of the last century, it has invaded pretty much every aspect of our lives. A world full of plastics is causing many consequences that the planet is already suffering, including;

  • Plastics do not decompose; they only break down into smaller pieces of plastic (microplastics).

  • In order to get rid of them, some people burn them, but this releases gases and causes more contamination in the planet.

  • Once plastics are created, they cannot disappear, they remain in the planet for centuries!

  • The only way to get rid of them is to recycle them, but only 9% of plastics in the world are recycled!

  • Microplastics in the ocean are pretty much an irreparable damage; you can still grab a plastic bottle to remove it from the ocean, but with microplastics, that is impossible!

 The Seven Types of Plastic for Recycling

If you want to start recycling plastics, you should know that plastic containers usually have a small number in a three arrow symbol. That number indicates the following:

  • #1 Used polyethylene terephthalate to manufacture medicine containers and water bottles

  • #2 Used high-density polyethylene – HPET – to manufacture shampoo containers, grocery bags, and toys

  • #3 Used polyvinyl chloride to manufacture tents, curtain showers, banners, and seat covers

  • #4 Used low-density polyethylene to manufacture sandwich bags, grocery bags, and wrapping films

  • #5 Used polypropylene to manufacture plastic caps and orange medicine containers

  • #6 Used polystyrene to manufacture disposable cutlery, coffee cups, and take-home boxes

  • #7 Used a combination of the previous six numbers (which results in non-recyclable materials

Please learn these numbers to see what you can actually recycle.

The Plastic Glitter Problem and its Alternatives

Standard plastic glitter only means more plastic hurting our planet, so many new alternatives are emerging as the environmentally friendly solution, but you cannot trust all of them. For instance, some glitter marketers offer compostable glitter and PLA glitter as a biodegradable option. But, really, is PLA biodegradable? How does compostable glitter work? Here are the reasons why you cannot trust them:

  • PLA fits within the category #7, which means it is a type of plastic and – on top of that – you cannot recycle it!

  • PLA glitter can only be decomposed if exposed to the high heat of the industrial composting, which most people do not have access to!

  • Compostable glitter is only biodegradable if you surround it with the proper bacteria environment, find the right pressure and submit it to specific temperatures (so unrealistic!)

  • Another option to make compostable glitter biodegradable is to take it piece by piece to a compostable terrain (and let’s be honest, are you really going to do that?)

So, basically, PLA glitter is as bad as standard plastic glitter. In order to have a biodegradable glitter, you need a glitter that naturally biodegrades in any environment.

The Real Biodegradable Glitter

Bioglitter is the only glitter in the world that can guarantee you natural biodegradability in any environment. Today Glitter is proud to sell Bioglitter products in the US, and we are causing such and impact that even CNN has noticed a new future for glitter is on the horizon.

This real eco-glitter can be purchased as a biodegradable glitter wholesale for cosmetics, decorations, and arts and crafts!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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