Learn how to create amazing Eye safe glitter looks!

If you are a makeup lover, for sure, you like to try new things, new looks, new tools, and materials. A well-executed makeup, especially around the eyes, gives every person a professional look that can be adapted for any occasion. When we add a little glitter to our creations, the finish is even more surprising.

In these pandemic times, where masks cover a large part of our face, wearing makeup around the eye area is essential. It is the only visible place while we are trying to protect ourselves and others. You can use ecoglitter for your eyes but you can also use glitter on your body for a festival-like look.

Do you want tips to create the best eye-safe glitter look?

Makeup professionals know how to rock eyeshadow glitter. But if you want to learn to do it yourself, for parties, festivals or just the daily look, here are some recommendations to make it look awesome!

Step one: Clean and hydrate your eyelids! As obvious as it sounds, it is essential to prepare them. Clean the lids as you usually do or use a special face cleanser. Add a small drop of hydrating eye cream to moisture your lids and plump them.

Step two: Apply primer. Using an excellent high-quality and strong primer will help ensure the glitter pigments last the entire day and night. This way, we avoid the glitter falling down our faces and making the rest of the skin shiny and greasy.

Step three: Important tip to make your process more comfortable. Use under-eye masks, not only for brightening and hydrating but also to banish dark circles. The extra benefit we get from it is that it protects the area from the glitter falling that is inevitable during the application. You do not want that mess!

Step four: Apply glitter! You can combine it with eyeshadow but always making sure the colors match. If you prefer using glitter by itself after the previous steps, you can either use your fingers (the ring finger is the softest for this area) or a brush (a flat-headed one is appropriate) and press the glitter onto your lids. And let it settle for a minute or more, with your eye close.

Practice following these steps and soon you will be rocking your eye glitter makeup. Use it for festivals and parties or for now, to highlight ​​our face’s area that the mask does not cover.

Make sure you use cruelty-free and naturally biodegradable products. Finish your look with Bioglitter Sparkle or Bioglitter Pure from Today Glitter; the best biodegradable, metal free and microplastic free glitter on the market. 

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How do you know if a glitter is safe for the eyes? 

Every time you use products or materials to place on your face verify that they meet the requirements and certifications necessary to be used near the eyes, lips, or on the skin in general.

Many companies tend to ignore this fact or decide not to display the ingredients from which their products are made. Or worse yet, claim to be compostable when this definition means that it can be degraded only through industrial procedures that typically use tons of water and energy to remove the toxic waste (metals and plastic) they include.

A good naturally biodegradable glitter like Bioglitter is:

  • Made from eucalyptus cellulose. 

  • Biodegradable in the environment in just four (4) weeks. 

  • Certified “OK biodegradable WATER” by TÜV.  

  • Microplastics free, cruelty-free, metals-free, GMO-free, CMR-free, allergy-free.

  • Approved for use in cosmetics, winner of the “in-cosmetics Global make-up bar award” two years in a row!

  • FDA compliant to use on lips (aluminum-free) - Only No-plastic collection

No wonder why social media influencers love Today Glitter so much. They have innovation, benefits, and take care of our environment with the same product.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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  • Excelente explicación sobre los productos, desde ahora mi tienda favorita para comprar glitter será Today glitter

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  • Esta empresa de glitter es la mejor que he descubierto, muy bien explicado sobre los productos, desde ahora mi tienda favorita será Today glitter.

    Ana Sanchez

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