Is Biodegradable Glitter Better?

Yes, biodegradable glitter is better. The new Bioglitter Holographic is the world's first holographic biodegradable glitter that's not composed of microplastics and is plant based.


Saving the Earth One Bottle of Glitter at a Time

As previously mentioned, the market was flooded with many other brands of bioglitter that were supposedly biodegradable. As soon as these glitters were put to the test, it quickly became evident that the glitters did not meet the mark. 

As a result of work conducted by a group of scientists in Florida, it became clear that the use of glitter in beauty products, crafts, and other items of popular usage would soon be harmful to our environment.

A multi-year process of research and development led them to discover Bioglitter by Ronald Britton, LTD. Today Glitter is the exclusive authorized retailer of this product. This group aims to implement the use of bioglitter nationwide to help save the environment and reduce microplastic pollution in natural water sources by implementing the use of bioglitter.

There is a Scientific group in Austria called TUV that has certified Bioglitter as OK WATER Biodegradable. In fact, Bioglitter from Ronald Britton, is the only bioglitter on the market with this prestigious certification.

Bioglitter Gold

What is the Freshwater Test?

In the freshwater test, scientists are able to determine whether or not a product will biodegrade after it has been exposed to natural water sources. During their experiments, scientists use water that mimics oceans, lakes, streams, and ponds. The media is submerged in the water and, over time, is examined to see how it changes. 

At the end of the test, they will see if there are any pollutants remaining in the water. This is what determines whether the media will be able to receive the prestigious OK WATER Biodegradable certification.

All Bioglitter products Today Glitter sells have been tested in freshwater by TUV. TUV found that bioglitter degrades within four weeks of contact with natural water sources. The remnants of the glitter are no microplastics, making it eco-friendly as well. This is the only true bioglitter on the market, with the appropriate third-party testing. All other glitters can not compare because of this.

Bioglitter Blue Sea

Other Glitter on the Market

There is another glitter on the market that claims to be biodegradable or bioglitter. It is necessary that you beware of this misinformation because many of these supposed bioglitters are actually composed of microplastics and are not eco-friendly, sustainable, makeup safe, or cruelty-free. There are still harmful chemicals and microplastics left behind by these glitters.

As a result of their plastic cores, they are not able to fully decompose either. As a result, if you see a glitter brand that is not Ronald Britton, LTD, it is important to do your research. Today Glitter only sells Bioglitter, which is biodegradable and safe for our earth.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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