How to use bioglitter for acrylic and gel nails?

There is no doubt that by adding Bioglitter to our manicure, it acquires a special touch. There are many ways to apply it, with different or the same colors as the nail polish, you can apply it to only one nail for a more elegant look or all of them for more glamorous. It just looks great!

What is the best technique to obtain beautiful acrylic glitter nails?

There are different ways to apply this beautiful shine that allows us to vary our style in many ways. Glitter has been exhibited in the world of fashion and beauty, even in art. There are people who demonstrate their artistic skills by creating amazing eye-safe glitter looks.

We have seen glitter makeup on fashion catwalks, launches of new cosmetic products, even the most renowned stars use it for the red carpet. We also find and admire it on television shows like Euphoria in which glitter makeup is basically another main character, and in which they use the best way to apply ultra fine glitter on eyes.

Before knowing the best techniques to have the best acrylic glitter nails, we must know the best option to do it. 

Plastic glitter is available to everyone and is the most common material to find in sparkly nail polish; but just as it comes easily to our hands, it also ends up easily in the oceans, being absorbed by animals and plants. It contributes to pollution and lasts on the planet for over 1000 years before starting to biodegrade. It cannot be separated from other types of garbage and only pollutes.

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What is the best glitter for acrylic and gel nails?

Ideally, use a biodegradable glitter such as Bioglitter. Not only is it suitable for the environment, but it is also healthier for human contact since it does not contain toxins, it is not GMO, it is not CMR, it is allergens-free and cruelty-free.

The most effective way to identify that the glitter we use is biodegradable is by verifying its ingredients and, above all, checking that they have a certificate of biodegradability that demonstrates its authenticity. Bioglitter Pure is certified as OK Biodegradable in freshwater by TÜV Austria.

Bioglitter Pure is compatible with various solvents, which is why its cosmetic line has high resistance for applications with enamels, gel, and other manicure products. 

You can find Bioglitter’s biodegradable glitter at Today Glitter and also look for ideas and try them with the same materials used in the picture, such as this beautiful Golden Violet Nails. Choose your favorite color and the perfect size for your creations, and you are ready to go! 

Different options for acrylic and gel glitter nails

We can find acrylic products, gel, and enamels already mixed with glitter and lose glitter to mix and sprinkle on top or under a gel coat.

Loose glitter is the easiest to use because of its versatility. Check the solvent resistance to make sure you can use it along with Acrylic and Gel polish (either regular or matte) without the color bleeding.

For the acrylic option, not much technique is required, just apply your favorite base color and dip the nail in the glitter of your choice to cover it. You can also sprinkle it on top of the nail if you want it to be more spaced rather than cover the nail completely. You can make designs, mix different colors and sizes. Remember to apply a final base so that it is not bulky, but smooth.

When using gel polish you have the option of mixing it with the glitter. This technique leaves a smoother finish, is more resistant, and will last longer than regular nail polish. For this one, you will need a plate for nail polish service, and after applying each coat, cure it for 60 seconds, also on the coat where the glitter is applied. 

Apply the glitter pressing and then remove the excess with a brush. You will want to reapply as soon as your nails start growing so the gap between your cuticle and the gel is not visible.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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