How do you make natural glitter?

Natural glitter, also known as Bioglitter Pure or Bioglitter Sparkle, now gives us new ways to enjoy the versatility of glitter. Its colors, its shine, and the opportunity to glow without damaging the environment or ourselves are unique.

Take a look into biodegradable glitter.

Biodegradable glitter is the natural, plant-derived version of the trendy shiny glitter that all of us know from school crafts, clothes, makeup, wrapping papers, and a million other products.

The ingredients that conform it are proven to be naturally biodegradable, opposite to regular glitter, which is made of plastic polymers that do not biodegrade in the natural environment, contributing to the microplastic pollution.

Products like Bioglitter™ Sparkle or Bioglitter™ Pure (first natural biodegradable glitter in the world) uses eucalyptus cellulose as the base core. Eucalyptus from certified plantations! Know more about the best plastic-free glitter here.

It is essential to emphasize the importance of certifications and eco-credentials to prove that a product is genuinely eco friendly. Many glitter companies claim to be biodegradable or “compostable.” The reality is that their glitter does not decompose in nature, and they can only be processed if they are discarded in composting bins as they require complex composting processes to degrade it, involving tons of water and energy wasted.

Why do we need to stop using plastic glitter?

Most of the glitter brands we find on the market are made with PET (plastic). These plastics are considered microplastics due to their size. Once it is disposed of, the tiny pieces are in the ecosystem forever (being absorbed by our flora and fauna on our water stream and landfill). It is impossible to separate it from any type of garbage; not even the big treatment water plants can do it.

This is the problem with plastic glitter and why we need an eco-friendly one:

  • Regular glitter’s main composition is plastic polymers.

  • It is not biodegradable.

  • It can take +100 years to decompose.

  • It is not possible to separate from any other type of garbage.

  • Our flora and fauna absorb it.

  • It contains highly toxic heavy metals.

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Importance of a natural glitter

Earth-friendly glitter is made from plant cellulose, derived from the fibers, mainly from eucalyptus trees. This plant is widely available on the planet and grows fast. In the case of Bioglitter™, they use certified eucalyptus plantations to make it.

The biodegradable glitter process of degradation requires only what we find in nature: water, oxygen, heat, and microorganisms. The more of these previously mentioned parameters are in the environment, the faster our eco-friendly glitter will biodegrade. Of course, depending on the conditions of the environment, the time of biodegradation may vary. For example, in the sea with temperature changes, microorganisms and algae degrade faster than in the desert, where heat is the factor that most applies.

But on average natural glitter degrades in around 30 days, depending on the environmental conditions. Plastic glitter pollution may not be the biggest in comparison with other microplastic pollution, but eliminating for something we know is safe and better definitely makes a difference.

Natural, fun, lasting, and biodegradable

Bioglitter™ not only helps to reduce world plastic pollution. It is made to keep glowing without harming ourselves with dangerous ingredients. 

You can give it a ton of uses, for crafts, decoration, art. It is non-toxic, does not contain heavy metals, is safe for kids, and to use on makeup. The best way to use it is by pouring it out of the container or using a clean brush to extract it; this way, we avoid moisturizing the remaining glitter and creating any bacteria.

It is made without an adhesive base to extend its life and make it last more on your shelf. For a longer life, keep your glitter dry, cold, and clean.

Here is an easy glitter recipe to make at home and enjoy. If you have kids, they will love it! To start creating your eco-friendly ideas, you only need:

Mix Epson salt and table salt in the airtight container. Combine separatelly the paint and water. Add the mixed paint to the container, close it, and shake! Until the color spreads evenly. Add more fun and glow sprinkling Bioglitter Pure. Let it dry, and it’s ready to use! 

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure


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