Glitter Set: 6g of Today Glitter Go a Long Way

You may be saying to yourself: “Ok, I have my eco-glitter now, but how long is it going to last?” Here we take away all the guesswork from environmentally conscious glitter lovers like you and let you know exactly how far can you go with a set of the real biodegradable glitter.

You have realized now that getting environmentally friendly glitters is the right move. You look for the best glitter store online and you finally get it. Now, two questions may immediately come to your head: “Did I get the right eco-glitter? If so, how long before I buy the next one?” Here those questions will be answered for you to have an environmentally safe sparkle at all times.

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Conscious Glitter Lovers Do Not Want Fake Biodegradable Glitters!

Let’s begin with the bad news. Unfortunately, many glitter stores online market so-called “biodegradable” glitters as the demand for environmentally friendly products is increasing in the cosmetics industry. These fake biodegradable alternatives include compostable glitter and PLA Glitter. See in the next paragraphs why you cannot trust them.

Ways to Find Out if You Got the Right Eco-Glitter

First off, compostable glitter and PLA glitter have not passed the fresh water test, which is the only way to guarantee the glitter product is truly biodegradable. Then you have that compostable glitter needs of special conditions to biodegrade, like the right temperature and pressure to allow the appropriate bacteria start the biodegradation process.

In addition to that, compostable glitter needs a compostable terrain to be actually biodegradable, which is very unlikely to be the final destination for a cosmetic glitter. Usually, glitter ends up in the oceans or in other natural environment after being used. Bioglitter is the only glitter that is proved to be biodegradable in any natural environment.

Another fraud is PLA glitter; whose marketers have the nerve to call it biodegradable too! But make no mistake, PLA glitter is made of a polymer that contains big amounts of polylactic acid molecules, and although PLA is derived from renewable sources, it is still a plastic! PLA glitter also needs special conditions to biodegrade, conditions that most likely it will not get.

In order to make it easier for you, here we provide you with some tips to identify a true-eco-glitter:

  • It only contains natural or nature derived ingredients with minimal or no use of plastics.

  • It is certified to be biodegradable in a natural, freshwater environment.

  • It feels more soft on the skin compared to conventional plastic-based glitters.

  • It complies with global regulations on micro-plastics.

  • It has received many awards and recognitions for innovation and sustainability.

How Long Can You Go with the Glitter Set of Today?

At Today Glitter we understand some glitter stores online are hard to trust because you do not really know what they are actually offering. That is why we want to guarantee natural biodegradation by marketing only Bioglitter products. Bioglitter is the only glitter company that has passed the freshwater test, which guarantees biodegradability in any environment.

Once you make sure you get an ideal glitter set from Bioglitter your next concern will probably be how far can you get with it. So we decided to test a 6g tin of the Today Glitter’s true eco-glitter in field research in order to see how long it will last and the results were shocking! It certainly went further than we thought.

Now it is time for the good news! A little glitter from us can definitely go a long way! The tin may look small but it was enough to make shine between 20 and 40 people! In fact, our max was 42 times! We glittered different people in a festival and proved that our eco-glitter offers an incredibly good value for your money.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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