Compostable Glitter Is Not Good Enough Because It Doesn't Biodegrade In Nature

The global awareness of standard plastic glitter being terrible for the environment has many glitter fans looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives. Naturally, many products are entering the market claiming to be biodegradable, but these claims are creating many misconceptions. Please, do not get fooled! Here is what you need to know to identify a real eco-glitter!

Getting a real biodegradable glitter may be challenging for many sparkle lovers, especially after all the hype created by marketers of fake eco-glitters taking advantage of the opportunity presented to them as a result of the awareness of the world regarding microplastics and their terrible effects on the environment. You want to get the real deal!

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You Want to Get a Naturally Biodegradable Glitter!

Yes! The glitter every environmentally conscious sparkle lover is looking for MUST be biodegradable in any natural environment and should not need any special conditions to start its biodegradation process. Most fake biodegradable glitters are ONLY biodegradable if you submit them to circumstances and environments that are very unlikely to happen.

For example, compostable glitter is only biodegradable under the following;

  • Having specific temperatures, proper pressure, and a bacteria environment (Finding these elements in the natural environment is very unrealistic)

  • Taking glitter to a compostable terrain, piece by piece after you are done with it (Think about it. Would you really do this after coming home with a celebration hangover?)

Neither of these options are realistic, which makes compostable glitter quite useless. The same can be said about another so-called “biodegradable glitter”, PLA glitter, that is basically another type of plastic that contains high levels of polylactic acid molecules needing water to start degrading. Please, learn to spot fake eco-glitters.

You Have to Identify a Real Biodegradable Glitter!

Not only do you have to avoid getting fake environmentally friendly products, you also need to learn what makes a glitter a real biodegradable product. First off, the glitter you get NEEDS to pass the freshwater test, which is the only way to prove its biodegradation in any environment. Other identifying aspects of a real biodegradable glitter include:

  • The use of mostly natural and plant derived ingredients in its manufacturing process.

  • Avoiding plastics as much as possible, so no microplastics keep polluting the oceans.

  • Being recognized for its innovation and sustainability by prestigious organizations.

  • The use of a plant derived cellulose instead of the standard polyester film (plastic).

  • Comply with all the current and future legislation on microplastics all around the world.

Now it's time for the good news! Ready?

A new type of eco-glitter is generating big buzz in the media for meeting all the above criteria and more! Want to know more about it?

You Have to Get Bioglitter as the Real Eco-Glitter!

Yes, Bioglitter is the only glitter company in the world that can guarantee you natural biodegradability in any environment! Most glitters are terrible for the planet, but we are trying to change that as the only and exclusive retailers of the Bioglitter products in the US. Today Glitter is getting to be more popular for our bold initiative of setting a new standard in glitter, and important media outlets like CNN are beginning to notice we have arrived!

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