Can you use Bioglitter in candles?

Candles with a sparkling hint of glitter look amazing! But for this type of product, we have to make sure we are choosing the right glitter. Inhaling toxic smoke from burning chemicals, plastic and metals is hazardous for our bodies and the planet.

Why shouldn’t we use plastic glitter on candles?

Mainstream glitter is made of plastic, it is either PLA, PET, or other types of polymers. When they burn, melted plastic creates toxic and dangerous smoke dangerous for any living creature. At the end of the day, the candle you wanted to use for relaxing, meditating, or just decorating ends up being bad for your health and contributes to pollution.

Microplastics in regular glitter take more than 100 years to decompose and could be even more years if it is melted. By this time, it has already been eaten and absorbed by soil and marine creatures.

Is Bioglitter safe to use in candles?

Bioglitter PURE has the world’s first biodegradable 100% plastic-free glitter. It is a plant-based glitter made from natural polymers. Its core is made from a thin film from plant cellulose, primarily eucalyptus.

This unique biodegradable glitter does not contain heavy metals, chemical compounds, or plastic. Since it is made from natural ingredients, when it is burned, it turns into ashes instead of melting like regular plastic glitter. It does not spread toxic smoke; it burns like paper.

When Bioglitter PURE is discarded, we do not have to worry about it being absorbed by our flora and fauna because it biodegrades in natural environments in just four weeks. 

Bioglitter PURE has a certification as “OK Biodegradable WATER” by TÜV under the serial code number: S0933; This means it has reached the highest level of independent certification for freshwater biodegradability in the world.

It is not only safe to use on decorations or arts and crafts; Bioglitter is also a cosmetic grade glitter. Bioglitter is an ecofriendly and human safe product; the FDA approved it for usage on lips and around the eyes.

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How to make your own glitter candles?

If you are in the mood for handcrafts, we will guide you into the steps to make your own glitter candle combinations. You will need:

  • Metal tins (the size you prefer, we chose 6 oz tins for this one)

  • 1lb of soy wax flakes (enough for 4 candles)

  • 1 pouring pot

  • Wicks and wick sticky tabs

  • Sticks (to hold the wicks)

  • Your favorite Bioglitter Pure (100% plastic-free) find them here under our No-Plastic collection

  • 1 spoon

  • Scent oil (optional)

The first step is to adhere the wicks to the tin with your wick sticky tabs. To do that, the wick needs to be taller than the can so that it stands out.

Now on the lowest heat, melt the candle wax in your pouring pot. It will heat and melt low and slowly. It takes around 10 minutes to melt a pound of wax. Once it is liquified, remove it from heat (this is the moment to add the scent, 1oz per 1lb of wax.) Be careful and use gloves if it is necessary to avoid getting burnt.

Get ready to pour the mix into the tins. Now let’s have some fun! Pick your favorite glitter color and pour as much as you desire into each container. Make sure to do this while the wax is still warm. It will blend with the wax, but you can help it with a gentle swirl.

Now use two sticks to hold the wick in the center of the tin. The candles will cool down in about 12 hours, trim the wicks onto the desire long. And wait at least 24 hours before light them up.

Glitter is not only for candles; you will be amazed at all the creations you can make coating, printing, painting, or adding glitter. Even for kids! Kids love crafts, and you can have a blast making glitter slime with them!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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