Bioglitter Is the True Ecoglitter as it Biodegrades in Nature!

Are the false claims of many so-called biodegradable products worrying you? Trust us, you are not alone! Luckily, here we have the solution for your environmental concerns. Here you can learn how to identify a real eco-glitter among the increasing number of fake environmentally friendly products seen in the market.

If you are aware of the damage plastic glitter causes to the environment, then you should be looking for a more sustainable alternative to standard glitter. But, please, also be careful with the fake eco-friendly glitter claims that are filling the market and confusing well-intentioned glitter lovers like you! Only Bioglitter can guarantee no harm to the planet.

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Bioglitter Is an Eco-Friendly Glitter

In case you did not know, a nature friendly glitter is now possible. Bioglitter was especially manufactured to help in the big fight we currently have against plastic pollution as a species. It is a plant based-product that aims to replace the use of plastic glitter. Here are some amazing facts you should know about Bioglitter:

  • It is PROVEN to biodegrade in natural environment (it successfully passed the freshwater test!)

  • It replaces the standard glitter’s polyester film with a special nature-derived cellulose

  • This unique cellulose is derived from eucalyptus hardwoods extracted from responsible and certified plantations operating in accordance with the most prestigious standards

  • It has eco-credentials never achieved by any other glitter company

  • It provides the unique option of being completely plastic free!

All these incredible benefits correspond with the ultimate mission of all of our Bioglitter products, which include;

  • To remove plastic from glitter

  • To be biodegradable in any environment

This is the one and only eco-glitter that can provide the perks of standard glitter without hurting your skin and/or environment.

Our Bioglitter Products to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Today Glitter is proud to be an exclusive retailer of the Bioglitter (company from the UK) products in the US, we are determined to help the planet overcome the terrible plastic pollution crisis. Our two main products for a greener future are:

  • Bioglitter Sparkle:The original game changer in the glitter industry! If you are looking to get the shiniest effect from our eco-glitters, then this is the glitter for you as it is the one that gives you the brightest result from the Bioglitter family.

  • Bioglitter Pure:The first 100% plastic free glitter in the world! It sets a new standard for the future of eco-glitter; it is now possible to shine causing no harm to the planet! It feels softer on your skin and it can be used in any part of your body as it is a body safe glitter that complies with all the current and future legislation on micro-plastics.

The Many Uses of the Bioglitter Products

Another great advantage of using Bioglitter is that it can be used in many applications, here are some examples:

  • In cosmetics and personal care

  • As educational for children

  • For decorative applications

It is time now for you to start making the change the planet so desperately needs, shine with us!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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