Biodegradable Glitter: A new trend in the environment

Glitter is a microplastic that traditionally has been a problem to the environment. For this reason, many companies have now turned to an eco-friendly alternative.

This product has recently become a passion for the cosmetic sector. However, microbeads and microplastics - the tiny bits of plastic that make up some face washes, body scrubs, and glitter - are detrimental to our environment.

Glitter is basically composed of tiny bits of plastic. Like most other types of plastic glitter can not be recycled as usually it is made of some kind of non-biodegradable material, such as copolymer plastic or aluminum foil. These harmful microbeads are tiny pieces that are classified as 'microplastic' and can be found in many cosmetic products.

Fortunately for those that don't fancy losing their sparkle, we are developing and keep on researching more about the environmentally - friendly glitter.

Today Glitter uses 100% Bioglitter™, a new innovative and progressive glitter product, designed to reduce the impact on the environment while retaining the same beauty effects. We never mix our products with plastic glitter. We are the first and only verified reseller of Bioglitter in the US. 

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Differences between conventional and biodegradable glitter 

Traditional glitter is hazardous to our environment

Traditional glitter is made up of microplastics that cannot be recycled, and its tiny composition makes upcycling out of the question. Essentially, once the glitter is disposed of, it lingers on the Earth and can lead to devastating consequences to the environment and natural life.

Most glitter ends up in our oceans and back into our bodies

Traditional glitter spreads through our natural environment, and it ends up in our oceans. As the microbeads do not break down, eventually those microplastics will be consumed by some animals under the sea. This affects not only our aquatic ecosystem but also ourselves; fish that are caught for human consumption are increasingly beginning to contain plastic particles, which in turn are consumed by us.

Microbes have been banned from the cosmetics industry due to plastic particle water pollution and conventional glitter is no better.

Today Glitter: the eco-friendly glitter choice

Today Glitter is the first step in our journey to provide a solution to the issue of glitter microplastic pollution and offers an eco-friendly glitter choice. Today Glitter is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic-based glitter and it has been developed to tackle the part of microplastic pollution created by glitter.

Our glitter is produced from plant cellulose, so it is derived from sustainable sources, meaning that it does not contain genetically modified materials and it can be metabolized by microorganisms.

Today Glitter is now more committed than ever to be good for our planet! Not in the future, not later,.. Today! Today Glitter does not dissolve in the water, it needs some bacterias and other microorganisms to biodegrade.

The core of Today Glitter is a naturally biodegradable cellulose, representing more than 90% of the product’s content. It is the best foundation on which to build our ultimate 100% plastic free goal. With the current version of Today Glitter, we have already come a long way in achieving our goal of a naturally biodegradable and plastic free glitter. Being 92% plastic free and degradable outside in the natural environment, Today Glitter has already significantly reduced its effect on nature. Nevertheless, we are working hard to go further.

Compliant with the European and American standards

Our glitter meets both FDA and European Commission Cosmetics Regulations. These institutions heavily vet the products they consider acceptable for approval, so you can feel confident that you are making a safe choice when purchasing our glitter. Our loyal customers have always been trendsetters and leaders in their own right. That is the reason why we are taking personal responsibility for the environment and we are moving towards the change we hope to see in the entire glitter market one day.

Without compromising our quality and our core philosophy, we feel confident our fans would follow us on our new journey to sustainable glitter fashion.

The special regenerated cellulose used in Today Glitter is the only biodegradable glitter in the market. Do not confuse biodegradable and compostable form of cellulose. Compostable, needs glitter to be treated in a recycling plant. Naturally biodegradable will degrade in nature. 

Currently, we are investing in a major research and development program to reach the ultimate goal of being totally plastic free.

The challenge keeps on going. Making the final steps can be increasingly difficult, however, the future possibilities have us all energized and excited about things to come. We feel incredibly privileged to have this opportunity to make a difference. Currently, we are investing in a major research and development program to reach the ultimate goal of being totally plastic free.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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