Attention! Careful with Fake Eco-Friendly Glitter Claims

There is an increasing demand of eco-glitter as the world faces a huge environmental crisis. The good thing is that people are taking measures to help the environment. The fact that people are reacting to this problem is good, but some may want to take this opportunity as a way to market fake environmentally friendly products. So, watch out!

You buy what is advertised as “safe” for the planet, but how do you actually know you are getting a real eco-friendly glitter? Did you know that many products marketed as biodegradable are actually not? What should you know about identifying a product that will not hurt the environment? In the next paragraphs we will tell you all about it.

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Telling Fake from Real Eco-Glitters

You want to get an eco-glitter that is proven to be naturally biodegradable in any environment. One that has passed the freshwater test; that is the only guarantee you are getting the true eco-friendly glitter. We have discussed in the past how to spot fake biodegradable glitters, but in case you still need to identify them, be careful with:

  • PLA glitter: PLA (polylactic acid) is a type of plastic that does not biodegrade, it needs a composting infrastructure to break down, otherwise remains unchanged for centuries.

  • Compostable glitter: This type of glitter needs special conditions to biodegrade, like the right pressure and proper bacteria environment to break down. It does not biodegrade in natural environments.

  • Cellulose acetate and cellophane-based glitter: Cellulose acetate is the same ingredient used to create cigarette butts (imagine that on your skin!), and the cellophane-based glitter has a chemical structure that is not biodegradable enough to get certified.

You Need a Plant-Based Product 

Bioglitter is the only glitter company that has passed the freshwater test, which guarantees its products are proven to be naturally biodegradable in any environment. The reason for this, its manufacturing process creates a real eco-friendly glitter that is a natural alternative to standard plastic glitter. Some remarkable features of Bioglitter include:

  • It naturally decomposes in contact with compost, soil, freshwater and wastewater environments.

  • It contains little to no plastic in its manufacturing process, but its latest Bioglitter Pure is completely 100% plastic free.

  • It is made with a special cellulose derived from eucalyptus hardwoods, which has unique eco-credentials as being biodegradable in any environment.

Bioglitter Real Eco-Friendly Glitters

Bioglitter Sparkle (92% plastic free)

  • The original game changer, first eco-glitter developed to tackle plastic pollution.

  • It is the brightest one in the Bioglitter family, undistinguishable from standard glitter.

  • It is proven to have very high biodegradation in freshwater environments.

Bioglitter Pure (100% plastic free)

  • The world’s first glitter that is completely free of any plastic content

  • Based on natural materials, it decomposes like a regular leaf in nature

  • It holds the OK Biodegradable WATER Certification; this guarantees biodegradation

  • It contains no aluminum and complies with all regulations on micro-plastics

  • It is the No. 1 eco-friendly glitter in the world

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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