Does Natural Glitter Exist?

People all over the globe are learning that plastic glitter is terrible for the environment. It is being banned from music festivals in the UK and scientists recommend stopping using it immediately. Is this the end of glitter as we know it?

There is always fun when glitter is involved. The sparkle makes us feel young, part of a tribe and alive… We definitely want glitter in our lives! But most of it is made from micro-plastics which makes conventional glitter a huge problem for the environment. This is why the need for a natural glitter is becoming urgent.

Plastic Glitter Is Terrible for the Environment

Many are the studies showing that plastic glitter ends up heavily polluting the ocean. A study published in 2018 by the Journal Geochemical Perspectives clearly shows that micro-plastics have finally reached the deepest point of the ocean, the western Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench. The consequences of this include;

  • Micro-plastics are consumed by plankton, fish, and seabirds

  • Ocean organisms die from starvation

  • Micro-plastics can make their way up to our plates through the food chain

  • PET, the plastic most commonly used to make glitter, releases chemicals that disrupt human and animal hormones

  • Scientists consider glitter should be banned because it contains micro-plastics

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Glitter Substitutes

Since various governments and organizations are banning products that contain micro-plastics – last year 61 British music festivals banned glitter – many companies are taking action to replace glitter with more eco-friendly alternatives.

Some companies tried mica as a potential glitter substitute, which is a natural occurring mineral that is very shiny. However, it is not a sparkly as glitter and it was discovered that some sources of mineral came from illegal Indian mines using child labor.

There are other companies claiming they have products that are not harmful to the environment, they offer “biodegradable” products, but actually they do not biodegrade in the natural environment. Take compostable glitter for instance, it will only biodegrade if the glitter is taken to a compostable plant, which it to happen as each particle of glitter would have to be picked up and sent to a recycling plant.

In order to face this issue, true change is needed from companies. Producers need to be responsible and look for non-toxic and natural alternatives.

Looking for a Natural Glitter

Today Glitter is the first and only US retailer certified by Bioglitter and Blue Sun International. Today Glitter is proud to announce that it is launching the first 100% plastic-free glitter, this is the closest any provider has gotten to natural glitter. This attribute also makes it an eye-safe glitter.

This naturally biodegradable and 100% plastic-free glitter has passed the fresh water test, which guarantees a product biodegrades in the natural environment. It also has the unique certification of OK Biodegradable in water that guarantees actual biodegradation in a natural fresh water environment. This glitter contributes to the reduction of waste in rivers, lakes or oceans.

Other benefits include:

  • The first glitter in the world approved by the FDA to be used on lips

  • It is an eye-safe glitter

  • Ideal for both adults and children

  • Can be used as a cosmetic or part of makeup

  • Can be used in arts and craft activities

  • It does not lose color and it is resistant

  • Suitable to be used dry and mixed with water, alcohols, oils and soaps

The need to switch to a natural glitter is urgent, but it is hard to find. Only Today Glitter is offering a solution before it is too late to save the environment.


Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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