The Real Eco-Friendly Glitter Is Here

The news on micro-plastic pollution are getting worse, they include the cosmetics industry as one of the causes of this major pollution. It is only natural then that glitter companies have started to look for more sustainable options as a way of facing the increasing demand of eco-glitters; the planet is being hurt and we need to protect it.

If you are among the many environmentally conscious consumers of beauty products, or if you want to become one, then you should be aware that standard plastic glitter is contributing to the serious harm caused by micro-plastics to marine life. That is why you need to learn how to recognize an eco-friendly glitter from the many options claiming to do good for the planet.

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We Need to Avoid Micro-Plastics in Glitter

Our planet is getting sick of plastics, they pollute our oceans and kill marine life. What is worse is micro-plastics, they are so little that are quite impossible to remove from the planet! Unfortunately, standard glitter is basically micro-plastics. But cheer up! You should know that there are natural glitters that can be an alternative to standard glitter.

You need a real eco-glitter to avoid contributing to;

  • 12.7 million tons of plastic entering the oceans each year

  • 8 trillion micro-plastics entering the US waters every day

  • The harmful effects on marine organisms

What Is Necessary to Know About Eco-Glitters

There are many alternatives proposed to stop plastic pollution in the ocean, but you cannot trust all of them. For example, compostable glitter is usually marketed as biodegradable, but it is actually not. A real eco-friendly glitter does not require of special conditions to start biodegradation, unlike compostable glitter, which needs:

  • To end up in recycling bins, which almost never happens; glitter is ultimately found in nature

  • Special man-made environments, like industrial composting, to start biodegradation

Other fake eco-glitters are PLA glitter and the one made with cellulose acetate, you should avoid them!

What a Real Eco-Friendly Glitter Does

There are common questions about what is exactly an environmentally safe glitter, but there are some things you should know if your goal is to shine with your favorite sparkle without polluting the environment. The first thing you should know, Bioglitter is the only glitter manufacturing company in the world that can guarantee biodegradation in any environment.

Here is what makes Bioglitter a real eco-friendly glitter;

  • It is mostly made from eucalyptus hardwoods with a unique and natural cellulose

  • This special film has excellent eco-credentials guaranteeing biodegradability in nature

  • It meets official standards that support its biodegradability in any environment

  • Its eco-toxicity has been tested and no toxic material has been found

  • The ingredients in the Bioglitter products decompose into carbon dioxide, water and biomass

Today Glitter is proud to be the only and exclusive retailer of Bioglitter in the US. With the products we market you are guaranteed the glitter you use will vanish from the Earth in less than a month! Also, remember that Bioglitter is suitable for use on lips and for vegetarians, and, in general, it does not produce anything that can hurt the environment.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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