Where to find bulk cosmetic glitter?

If you are a glitter lover, you must know the companies that sell bulk cosmetic glitter. Nowadays, cosmetic glitter is used in big industries, such as movies and tv show productions, awards, red carpet, and more. Since bulk cosmetic glitter is widely used, we need to choose natural biodegradable glitter instead of plastic glitter. We can shine without harming our environment and ourselves.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about bulk cosmetic glitter is to find a fair price for a large amount. But it is also essential to address the differences between natural glitter and traditional plastic glitter. It is not only about price and quantity, but also about quality and safety.

Cosmetic glitter is a product we apply to our skin, so we must choose something that does not harm it. Biodegradable glitter is the best option to take care of our health and the environment while enjoying the glowing looks. It is made of natural plant cellulose, meaning it biodegrades in the natural environment as fast as four weeks.

Considerations when looking for bulk cosmetic glitter

Regular shoppers know they can get the best price for a product when buying in bulk. Of course, this also applies to glitter. What is important about a wholesale glitter?

  • Outstanding glitter. Glitter has massive demand since it has many uses, in toys, cosmetics, decorations, etc. So, one that guarantees no harm to the environment and yourself is a #1 glitter. Ecological products are changing the market in this way.

  • Transparency on their credentials. Honest and transparent wholesalers will not have any problem showing their certifications and tests that validate the product. This way, you know it is a genuine product and is a certified eco glitter. Always look for TUV certified glitter. Make sure TUV certification belongs to the manufacturer looking at the number on the certification. S0933 belongs exclusively to the original Bioglitter™ (make sure it is Bioglitter Sparkle or Bioglitter Pure).

  • Quality and price. They go hand in hand. Best wholesalers should offer you the best products with the best materials, with a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

These are the main points to ensure that you get excellent quality and certified glitter that contributes to a better planet. Now, you can access the best biodegradable glitter in the USA.

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Differentiate real cosmetic ecoglitter from plastic glitter and fake ecoglitter

Understanding the differences between these two is essential. A lot of companies claim their bulk cosmetic glitter to be ecofriendly. However,  the reality is their plastic glitter contributes to world pollution.

Bioglitter is the first natural biodegradable glitter in the world, and have been making a huge difference with their products, and here is why:

Bioglitter Pure / Bioglitter Sparkle:

  • It is Non-toxic (metal free), GMO-free, CMR-free, Cruelty-free.

  • 100% plastic-free or 92% plastic-free

  • It is certified biodegradable (Bioglitter Pure)

  • Pass the freshwater test (Bioglitter Pure)

  • It degrades in just four weeks in natural environments.

Regular plastic glitter:

  • One or more of their layers contains toxic heavy metals.

  • It is made of plastic.

  • It is not biodegradable. Microplastics are impossible to separate from other types of garbage.

  • It ends up in our soil and water. Our marine and land species eat and absorb it.

  • It can take 100+ years to decompose.

  • When burned, it melts. Melted plastic produces a highly toxic strong smell.

Achieve a clean ecoglitter look

Probably you have recently witnessed fabulous glitter make up looks in tv-shows like Glow or the award-winning Euphoria. Where makeup plays a fundamental role, giving personality to each character, making them unique and distinguishable. Imagine the quantity of glitter that they have to use.

Achieving these techniques requires practice. But something that helps to create a clean glitter makeup involves tape; yes, tape. It covers beyond the limit of your skin where you don’t want glitter, then you just have to lift it, and it’s clean and flawless. 

Try always to do your eyes or the parts with glitter first. This way, if you need to clean around, you won’t mess up the rest of your already finished look.

You can take advantage of the season to try this technique glitter makeup on Halloween, even with your COVID-19 mask.

Let’s enjoy the spooky season and combine our costumes with the best cosmetic ecoglitter. Find it on Today Glitter. And remember, it doesn’t have to be scary for our earth to have a good time this Halloween.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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