Where Can You Buy Wholesale Glitter?

As the end-of-year celebrations are rapidly approaching, the desire to shine with our loved ones will make us look for the right glitter. What is the best glitter you can get for these special times? Can you trust standard glitter? Do you know where to find a biodegradable cosmetic glitter? Here is the answer to all your concerns regarding glitter and its effects on you and the environment!

If you are familiar with standard glitter, then you probably know it is basically tiny bits of shiny plastic. Buying large amounts of glitter during this time can severely affect the environment if you think of the many glitter lovers all around the world. So, if you are looking to buy wholesale glitter, you will be doing the planet a huge favor by getting a real eco-glitter.

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Why Do We Need a Plastic Free Glitter Alternative?

The consequences of using standard plastic glitter include the contribution to the plastic pollution crisis our planet is currently suffering! You want a real plastic free glitter alternative to help the planet in its fight against plastic pollution. And you have to be aware of what is the glitter that  is actually biodegradable in nature. Please, do not get fooled!

What to Look for to Find the Best Wholesale Glitter?

In order to get the best environmentally friendly wholesale glitter on the market you need to take 5 aspects into account:

  1. Quality: The glitter you choose needs to meet the highest quality standards by passing independent tests proving its biodegradability in nature and sustainability.

  2. Reputation: Your next glitter has to be known for setting a new standard in glitter and achieving eco-credentials never achieved by any other company.

  3. Knowledge: Science must back your glitter; its manufacturing process must include the most renewable sources in the industry.

  4. Support: Your environmentally friendly glitter needs to be certified as biodegradable and have many awards and recognitions as naturally biodegradable.

  5. Innovation: The company manufacturing your glitter should always be looking to be a pioneering force in creating a guilt free sparkle.

Where Is Bioglitter Shining Now?

Luckily for all glitter lovers, Bioglitter has created a real eco-glitter that meets the 5 above aspects and offers an environmentally friendly option with the same perks of standard plastic glitter. The many applications of the Bioglitter products include:

Cosmetics and personal care

Can be used as biodegradable cosmetic glitter for festivals, nail, and body art

For decorative purposes

Can be used in decorative, coating, and printing applications

For arts and crafts

Can be safely used by children for educational purposes and play time!

As you can see, if you want to get wholesale glitter, Bioglitter offers the best options for biodegradable cosmetic glitter and many other applications! In Today Glitter, we are shining with Bioglitter as its exclusive retailers in the US, and we are delighted to know we are getting the attention of important media outlets, like CNN, for wanting to change the current state of glitter. Glitter is fun, it does not have to be toxic for the planet!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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