What Is the Best 100% Plastic Free Cosmetic Glitter?

Are you looking for alternatives to standard plastic glitter after finding out it is terrible for the environment? Well, you are not alone! There is a British company that has been working in a more environmentally friendly product for a long time and it has created Bioglitter, the first glitter that is completely plastic free! Would you like to know how to get it in the US? Then this information is for you!

Sparkly celebrations at the end of the year are a time to cherish, especially when you are in that important occasion surrounded by your loved ones and you want to shine with your favorite cosmetic. But traditional glitter is really bad because it ends up as microplastics in the ocean harming marine life. We need a new cosmetic glitter, one that avoids the use of plastics and aims to provide a guilt-free sparkle to all the glitter fans like you.

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The New Alternative to Standard Plastic Glitter

Bioglitter is here to set a new standard in cosmetic glitter and avoid more pollution of microplastics in the ocean, as its products are made with a cellulose that biodegrades in nature and with minimal to no use of plastics.

Here is what Bioglitter has to offer for a change:

Bioglitter Sparkle

  • Launched in 2014 as the original game changer in the glitter industry

  • It provides the same benefits as standard glitter, with the brightest effect in Bioglitter!

  • Although it contains only a bit of plastic (8%) it has proven very high and natural biodegradability

  • In 2018, Deco Bioglitter Sparkle was launched as technical grade sparkle for coating and printing purposes

  • It can be used as cosmetic glitter, for decoration, and for arts and crafts in schools!

Bioglitter PURE

  • This is the real plastic free bio-glitter you want to get! It is the first glitter in history that completely avoids the use of plastics!

  • It was launched this year (2019) with the purpose of setting a new standard in glitter and making the end-of-year celebrations shine with a guilt-free product.

  • It only uses natural and plant derived ingredients to decompose like an ordinary leaf in any environment.

  • It complies with all legislation on microplastics and the FDA criteria to be used on any part of your body. Also, users report it feels way softer on your skin compared to standard glitter!

  • It can also be used for many purposes, as cosmetic glitter, for arts and crafts, and decoration!

The Bio-Glitter of Today for American Celebrations

These times demand a quick action against plastic pollution and moving towards policies that are more environmentally friendly. At Today Glitter we understand that, and that is why we are very proud to be the exclusive marketers of the Bioglitter products in America! This is the true eco-glitter as it biodegrades in nature and you can be sure it will not add up to the plastic pollution affecting our planet.

This is what guarantees Bioglitter is the real eco-friendly glitter:

  • It is the only glitter company in the world that has passed the freshwater test guaranteeing biodegradability in any environment!

  • It uses a unique type of cellulose derived from eucalyptus hardwoods sourced from responsible and certified plantations.

  • It has received many awards and recognitions all around the globe for being innovative and sustainable!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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